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Tips For Better Vacation Photos With Your Smartphone

Vacations are fulfilled moments, and sure one would love to catch every moment as it comes. We have put together some tips for smart home photography So that you can take better photos on your next vacation,

Set The Highest Resolution

Always activate the highest resolution/image size of your photos. Then you can later print out the picture in a large format. It’s hard to believe, but smartphone images can be exposed up to poster size. The high image resolution naturally has the disadvantage that larger images require more storage space. Therefore, it would be an advantage if you can insert a larger memory card or even a second card into your smartphone. If this is not the case, save the photos on the go if you have WiFi in a hotel or a cafe, for example, in the Dropbox or another cloud. Then you can delete the pictures and have space for new photos on your trip.

If Possible, Take Pictures In RAW Format

If you choose whether you can save your images in JPG or RAW format, we suggest you always choose RAW. If you want to change the pictures with an image editing app like Lightroom, you can get a lot more out of the photos. This includes a little practice, of course, but you also want to take better pictures.

Activate Auxiliary Lines

Always activate the grid lines in your photo app on your smartphone. Why? On the one hand, so that you photograph a straight horizon – especially on the coast. Do you know how many crooked ocean pictures I see on the Internet every day? No sea should have water anymore.

The other reason is, You can use the grid lines to make your photo much better. You can learn more by visiting

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