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Simple ways to show your Colleagues that you’re Religious

When we spend a lot of time with people, based on our own human nature, become closer to them. As we got closer to people, we want to share various aspects of our lives with them. This could be what we do on the weekends, details about our friends and family, and personal details about ourselves like our faith. 

We spend more time with our colleagues than almost anyone else in our lives – even our own loved ones. This means, sharing parts of your identity with them is almost inevitable. 

If you’re a person of faith, what’s the best way to go about this? The good news is there are so many ways that you can go about doing this – but what are the best ways we hear you ask? 

Let’s find out! Here are some simple ways to show your colleagues that you’re religious! 

Wearing a Celtic Cross

Many people opt for minimal cross jewelry, and while these are a traditional symbol of faith, they might not fit with your personal style. 

If you’d like something that expresses your faith whilst being stylish, why not start wearing a Celtic Cross? Celtic crosses come in a variety of different sizes, styles and metals so you will be able to find one that not only celebrates your faith but also expresses your own personal style too! 

Celtic crosses are typically worn as a necklace; however, they can also be worn as bracelets or earrings – so you can wear it however you choose! Your colleagues will see this and will clearly know that you are religious. 

Display a cross or Framed Verse on your Desk 

If you aren’t someone that typically wears jewelry, then perhaps you could try placing some ornaments on your desk? This could be something as simple as a cross, a religious figurine or even one of your favorite verses in a frame is a great way to show your colleagues that you’re religious. 

These items are very personal, and will yourself and your faith in an acceptable way in the office. 

Chat with your Colleagues

One of the best ways to share parts of yourself, including your religion, is to simply chat to your colleagues. This could be over lunch, at a staff party or gathering, or simply in everyday conversation. Simply replying ‘I went to church’ when someone asks about your weekend will signify your faith and may even prompt further questions from those interested to learn more. This lead to an opening to invite someone along to church with you! 

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to comfortably share an important part of your identity with your colleagues – your faith.

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