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Proper caring and maintenance of Pandora jewelry

Nowadays, there are many people who are strongly getting attracted to the Pandora charms. There is a wide collection of these stylish accessories which is not only perfect for your style but also make your occasion more memorable. You can easily find Pandora charms on sale and grab the best pieces at cost effective prices. These modern and creative products deserve proper care and maintenance for making them beautiful and long lasting. There are some essentials given below that you should consider if you have Pandora jewelry. 

Storing the Pandora jewelry

It is necessary for you to store your jewelry away from heat and sunlight. You can store it in a safe and protective jewelry box or in a pouch that is tarnish-resistant. You can also store it in a zip lock plastic bag either of polyethylene or Mylar. You should keep in mind to not use plastic bags of polyvinyl like bin liners which have rubber and sulfur compounds due to which the sterling silver will get tarnished easily and faster. You should also avoid storing your jewelry in your bathroom.

Cleaning and care of the Pandora jewelry 

For taking good care of the Pandora jewelry, you should use polishing cloth daily in order to stop the tarnishing process. By using a soft brush and soapy water, you can clean your jewelry but you can make sure that jewelry is not submerged. The jewelry might get oxidized and details will get destroyed if you will use silver dip and silver polish. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals which include chlorine, ammonia, salt water, and bleach. Pandora suggests people to remove the jewelry before going swimming, bathing, and cleaning. It is necessary to make sure that the Pandora jewelry is not exposed to perfume, hairspray, UV light etc. 

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