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Guess Presents Summer 2021 Sunglasses Collection

Guess is back, and it’s bolder than ever. The brand may have been out of sight from sunglasses buyers in the past months but for the summer, but they are definitely back. For their Spring-Summer 2021 collection, the brand took inspiration from vintage silhouettes, art deco, and a touch of grunge patterns.  Every piece from this collection is the perfect summer stunner that every beach bum – men and women alike – is sure to love. We have scoured through this to-die-for collection and guess (get it!) what our top picks were:

Royal Underground. Want to channel the easy-breezy rock star? These Guess sunglasses comes with a living-on-the-edge feel. Its design took off from the idea of chains, dark colour shades, and houndstooth patterns, and are reminiscent of some early Ray-Ban Sunglasses. They’re the perfect eyewear to match casual outfits with. Wear them with your white T-shirt and tattered shorts.

Vintage Dream. If you’re feeling a little girly and romantic, check out the Vintage Dream model. It features a delicate design with soft jewel tones. This eyewear took inspiration from enamel trimmings, laces, and crochet patchworks.

Creative Journey. Meanwhile, if you’re the sporty type, check out the Creative Journey sunglasses. Inspired by leather, snakeskin, and lock-and-key charms, they are sure to hit it off with anyone who loves the outdoors.

Check out Guess sunglasses for summer. If you need more designer sunglasses options, visit Shadestation today for equally edgy and stunning sunglasses!

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