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List Of Sarees To Wear During Your BFFs Wedding

BFF’s wedding is the most important time that surely you don’t want to miss. To avoid backstage abuses and backlashes from your best friend, you would definitely pay your utmost visit without any delay.

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This is the day when you know your best friend is the queen and you have to be the best supporter by complementing with her wedding dress. Don’t over-do it but go with the complementary shade of hers. Choose lehenga or saree but make sure they are not as bright as the bride’s. You can choose various types of sarees such as Banarasi sarees, creative khadi sarees, designer sarees and much more from the list and you will never go wrong on this part. Check out the list of sarees to wear during your BFF’s wedding.

Net Sarees

Put some extra bold moves and looks with this all-time favourite net sarees. These sarees have always been preferred by the millennial due to their sheer style and light in weight feature. They can be easily complemented with any type of accessory and can never go wrong. These sarees are obviously delicate but can be handled with care when wearing in such an auspicious occasion.

Banarasi Sarees

Choose Banarasi sarees for such an occasion if you are a lover of silk sarees and wish to have it in light in weight. These sarees come with incomparable lustre and thus are admired mostly by every type of woman. Women who love traditional touch yet without any effort can go for this. This is the saree that can proffer such elegance without any deal. They are easy to carry and are available in amazing colours and design patterns that worth every penny.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Wish to have a regal touch through your dressing sense? Well, you can blindly go with Kanjeevaram sarees. Unlike Banarasi silk sarees, these sarees are quite heavy and need proper vigilance as well; these sarees are quite delicate. They come with unparalleled colour and design collection. The thread weaving and the exquisite border design are the things that make every their lover.

Nauvari Sarees

Nauvari comes from the collection of Maharashtrian sarees. These sarees are the traditional sarees worn by brides of Maharashtra. The bottom drape is the most eye-catching area as this is what that makes the difference between Nauvari and other sarees. Available in prolific colours and border designs, these sarees are the best to be worn by women attending their BFF’s wedding. They are easy to handle and give an enchanting appeal to the peers as well.

Kalamkari Sarees

As the name suggests itself, these sarees are designed with the help of special textile kalams or pens through which their designs are made. The designs are exquisitely made by the expert craftsmen.

IndoWestern Sarees

Modern women love to wear this type of sarees as they can be worn with jeans as petticoat as well as shirts as a blouse. Go for these sarees if you wish to look bold yet sophisticated without counting net sarees in your list.

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