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Here are the Hottest Child Fashion Trends for 2018!

Those days when children would wear whatever their parents bought them are long behind us. Thanks to social media like Instagram, easily accessible media, celebrity worship and a bit of peer pressure, kids of all ages are more fashion conscious than ever, probably even more so than adults.

And if you’re a parent, you need to be too.

Your kid will want to look their best and up to date with the latest kid fashion designs, which you need to be familiar with so you can get them the cool clothes they want.

But keeping up with the latest trends and can be difficult, even more so in case of your kids. Fortunately, in this article we are going to give you some of the hottest kid fashion trends that are going to be huge for the rest of 2018!

Dress Together

One of the hottest trends we’re seeing more frequently and that has inspired numerous collections such as ModerneChild’s Mommy & Me collection is exactly what the name says.

Buying matching outfits for you and your kids is not only adorable, it will make your job much easier as you already have a distinct taste you can now pass on to your child.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns never go out of style, and 2018 is no different. Girls of all ages adore flowers, and they work well with any dress. Bright floral patterns are ideal for the summer and you can’t get more girly than that.

Urban Style

If your little angel is already rebellious and does not feel comfortable in a floral dress, perhaps you should consider an urban, unisex style.

This style is definitely more comfortable, casual and easy-going and ideal for busy moms as you can use whatever you find in the closet and still create a consistent, edgy outfit. Match shorts and pants with shirts and blouses and add stylish accessories to top it all off.

Light wardrobe pieces will help your child’s skin breathe easier and keep them cool during the sun. This style is great for outdoor activities and play dates.

Street Statement

For the super mini fashionistas, the urban style that involves a lot of layers of light clothing such as denim jackets, white high-neck shirts, long socks, and baseball caps is adorable and will make them feel more confident and grown up. Add a couple of chains, bracelets and scarves for extra sass.

Kids always look adorable with extra features on their clothes such as patches or epaulets. What’s even better, you can use patches to fix that old shirt or jacket your kid tore through while playing. You can even have a fun family project and let your kid pick out the patches they want to wear.


Big or small, cartoon or nature themed, prints are a huge trend this season and can be found anywhere: from shirts to denim jackets and even pants. There’s no limit to your imagination. As an added bonus, prints can make a great addition to a single-color outfits.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is the ideal fabric for the summer. Cotton keeps the skin cool and able to breathe, making it ideal for the hottest season. But not all cotton was made equal.

Organic cotton might be a bit more expensive, but clothes made from organic cotton and dyed with eco-friendly, vegetable-based dyes are not only great for the environment, but your child’s skin as well.

Artificial colors contain all sorts of chemicals that might cause irritation to the skin, especially in the summer when kids tend to sweat more. If your kids suffer from allergies, organic cotton is the best investment you’ll make.

And as a bonus, they are sure to stand out.

Dress like Adults

In many ways, kids’ fashion often mimics that of their parents. After all, kids strive to be more like us. That is why they love playing with the car, our power tools and jewelry boxes.

Therefore, some of the hottest trends for boys include cargo pants and chinos, reversible jackets with a print and patches. Girls are getting shirts with high collars that cover their necks which is both fashionable and ideal to protect them from the sun.

Jumpsuits are also a huge deal this season as they look adorable and are comfortable and ideal for playing. But when you take your princess to a birthday party, make sure to dress her for the occasion and go full Barbie look. Feminine dresses in light pastels are ideal for summer parties. As for boys, t-shirts with prints are as hot as they’ve ever been.

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