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Heavy-Duty Dab Rigs – Handcrafted To Give You Ultimate Pleasure


Marijuana can be taken in many forms; the most modern is dab smoking. Concentrated marijuana, mostly called dab, has a high percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes. Dabs have a much stronger effect and only recommended to people who need it for a medical condition and do not find relief in the simple raw plant. Dabs are extraction of marijuana with a severe concentration of cannabinoids like; THC and CBD and terpenes. Terpenes are the compound that gives flavor and aroma to marijuana. These are essential oil like THC and CBD, not only found in cannabis but in all plants found on this earth. Terpenes not only add delectable flavor to your taste buds but also associated with a unique high feeling of marijuana.

Types of Terpenes


Sativa Terpenes are characterized by strong citrus flavor and taste. This strong citrus smell is due to terpene limonene, which is present in lemons. When consumes, it gives an uplifting feeling and strengthens your immunity system and protects your gastrointestinal tract.


Alpha and beta-pinene are found in this type of Terpenes, which are found in pine trees. It acts as an anesthetic and has anti-inflammatory properties. Linalool; the seductive flowery properties of lavender is also found in IndicaTerpenes.

How it interacts

When the Terpenes are consumed either by smelling or inhaling, it mixes with a person’s body chemistry. It is important to smell the strain before smoking it. By smelling, you know how your body will react to this particular strain. By simply smelling which strain is suitable for your body and which is not. One main misunderstanding about marijuana is the THC factor is the only factor that determines the quality of it. Though this factor plays an important role, but not the sole one. It is important to pay consideration to the flavor profile of the plant, as this gives you the specific high.

Manufacturing of dabs

Dabs are crafted using hydrocarbons like; propane, hexane, and butane. There is another method where the co2 or solvent extraction process is used. In the original process, no chemical compounds were used. Only ice, water, and heat were used to create a concentrated form of THC. In the early 1990s, other botanical extraction processes like the ethanol extraction process were used. As the use of marijuana is legalized in some states of the US, more advancement in extraction is underway.

How to smoke

If you are using a smoking apparatus like dab rigs or water pipe, you will observe a few differences.

The apparatuses consist of a nail (the heating surface resembling a small thimble) and the rig through which you inhale. In this dab rigs, you need not light up the concentrate directly; instead, there is a heat source generally an electronic nail or blowtorch to heat the surface to 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit according to your preference.

Heavy-duty dab rigs are generally made of 7mm medical grade borosilicate glass, handcrafted. As the concentrate gets heated up, inhale through the rig. Slowly exhale and enjoy as many puffs you like.





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