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The Most Luxurious Bintan Villa For Family Holidays

We adore Bintan — only a brief one-hour ferry ride from Singapore at which you can perform with untouched sandy beaches, chill and lounge with delicious fish and unwind with affordable massages!

However, all of us know looking for a family vacation or a holiday for a bunch of besties is not a simple deed — the very first thing comes to mind? Accommodation. Obviously! Following months of toiling, we all anticipate a luxury villa or hotel where we could spend some time chilling, relaxing and catching up with all our loved ones — we are sure many of you may agree with it!

Cassia Bintan (2 bedrooms)

Using its fun and unique interiors that make a comfy energizing vibe, so you’re going to be pleased you reserved your stay in the Cassia Bintan (Bintan Resorts’ latest addition)!

This exceptional resort provides little apartments, and every unit is a package with a kitchen, with decoration as fantastic as the remainder of the condominium. Hues of white and pale green give this area a more swanky-but-casual feel.

If you are travelling in a group and decide to stay in Cassia Bintan, then choose the two-bedroom villa flats. So everybody is able to stay together!

You can take a look at the golf course (a part of Laguna Bintan), or in case you’re continuously attracted to the water, then spend the afternoon lounging on the shore or dip your feet in the swimming pool!

Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort (Family Villa)

Think about staying right from the sea with beautiful beachfront views from your balcony?

Wake up ahead of the remainder of the troupe and spend the wee hours of the afternoon watching the sunrise out of this ideal place. (We urge the Seafront Family Villa for your very best views!)

Suppose you like snuggling in precisely the identical area as your loved ones and friends for late-night chats. In that case, you are going to love the massive family room with tasteful interiors. What could be better than getting your very own personal space where you can spend time together?

Do not overlook theirs outside Beachfront Restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh fish with the unparalleled sea view and the smell of the ocean breeze on your faces.

Indra Maya Pool Villa, Nirwana Gardens (2, 3 and 4 bedrooms)

It comprises eight condos, all exuding a feeling of complete and absolute luxury and heaven. You may also receive a free 30-minute massage!

The villas confront the South China sea and give dazzling views of this Bintan shore. Each estate includes a private pool along with maximum solitude as you relish the opinions and unwind with your loved one’s family and friends.

Banyu Biru Villa, Nirwana Gardens (2 to 3 bedrooms)

In the Banyu Biru Villa at Nirwana Gardens, every villa is double-storeyed, with 2 or 3 bedrooms to accommodate your loved ones and friends! The fish pond which surrounds the exterior of this villa will make you feel as though you’re staying at a tropical jungle holiday season.

Holiday Villa Pantai Indah Bintan Island (2 bedrooms)

The Holiday Villa Pantai Indah exudes nothing short of complete indulgence for all your family luxury needs.

Between the private pool and gazebo situated right at your doorstep, then we would not blame you if you don’t ever wish to leave your villa! You have to drift somewhat further out of your area to spend a relaxing afternoon in the resort’s Anindya spa, or enjoy your royal therapy on your villa!

Lagoi Bay Villas (Family Villa)

On the lookout for a zen paradise to with the loved ones where you are able to escape to finish and complete comfort?

The comfy modern layout of Lagoi Bay Villas can create the villas immediately and feel just like home, and appreciating your very own private pool is an excellent way to begin and finish your day. After all, who does not adore a midnight swim before bed, mainly whenever the swimming pool is just steps away from the border of your mattress?

The villa is located in a prime area, Situated in a central location, and is a silent and tranquil oasis for peace and relaxation — a gem on the staircase.

And women, you are going to like to hear that — Lagoi Bay Villas is situated close to Plaza Lagoi Shopping Mall, go right on and revel in your centric retail treatment! (Guys, why don’t you go to get a massage as you wait)

Vacation is more than just accommodation. It’s about making long-lasting memories. Before you plan a trip to Bintan Indonesia, be sure to read more about Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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