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The Classic Nail Polish Options for You

First, there is a classic nail polish that is common and loved by many women, in addition to being very gothic. If you imagined the black enamel, you got it right. After all, this nail polish makes anyone sigh and still leaves many women addicted to it.

Incidentally, black enamel, as well as white enamel is wild colors. Well, almost all women like to spend them. After all, they are enamels that match any type of clothing, makeup and any type of production. That is, they are versatile and practical. So many women love it.

Therefore, to help you innovate, we have separated some tips and also some different ways to use black enamel. So now you will have no excuse to keep your nails the same every time. In fact, you can only use black enamel, but with different decorations. Come check it out. The use of happens to be perfect there. You can choose the color as per your needs now. Go for it and get your looks at its best.

Women’s Area

Above all, now that we have already mentioned it is worth mentioning, that both have similar textures and pigmentations. It can even be said that both are very black, right in the first layer. In general, they contain a stronger color and are bright at the same time.

In addition to these positive points, they are also enamels with good durability. However, there are differences between them, for example, each brush is of a different shape.

Black nail polish

However, it can also be classified as the best and especially when it comes to cleaning. Because with it you will have an easier time to iron and also to clean, even more if you paint your nails yourself. Which, by the way, is a super positive, isn’t it?

Nail polish and acetone remover, which one is the best?

Black nail polish

Basically, the only daughter means, in fact, a single nail painted in a different color from the enamel of the other fingernails. In general, this technique is a way to make the nails more detached, different from the ordinary and interesting at the same time.

So, if you want to remain like the goth girl who always uses nails with black enamel, this can be an option to differentiate. For example, paint 8 nails with black enamel, and two nails, one in each hand, you paint in a different color. It can be pink, glitter, holographic effect, or even neon.

Delicate applications and glitter Black nail polish

Women’s Area

Above all, more delicate applications, such as francesinhas, and also glitter enamels are practically universal. That is, almost all women have used one or the other or else, the two together. In fact, delicate applications and with Glitter, are lighter and more discreet options.So it is quite common to see on women’s nails. However, many women still choose delicate and glittery options, along with black enamel. So if you love this nail polish, this could be your time to rock.

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