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Rolex Explorer Is The Finest Timepiece That Symbolizes Luxury

The Swiss-made Rolex Explorer finds its existence in horological history. The watch is neither old enough to be called vintage nor is new enough to be called as cool. The overtly under-valued timepiece from the Rolex company has a serious clan of followers who adores it. The execution of the watch is so simple, that people hardly talk about it.

Is It Worth Buying Rolex Explorer?

The Rolex Explorer has all the potential of being a good future investment. The timepiece is one of the unstoppable collections that people love. What makes it an incredible timepiece for beginner time timepiece investors are its lower entry point and its ease to locate among other models.

Is It Worth Investing In The Rolex Explorer Watches?

Rolex Explorer model is unarguably the most amazing sports model ever launched by the watch company. Not only does it tell the time in true elegance but it does so with sheer legibility. The watch model contains a sleek and stylish case which is one of the only models from the Rolex sports series that did not get the company’s super-case treatment. 

Is There A Chance Of Rolex Explorer’s Value Shooting Up?

Given the prediction of the new Explorer II launching soon and being favoured over other models, the striking timepiece from the sports model will continue to enjoy a demand over it. Judging by all this, it is inevitable that the value of the Rolex Explorer watches is sure to go up. The collection has been undervalued for a long time, so investing in a model such as 14270 can help you stay benefitted.

Why Rolex Explorer Couldn’t Gain Popularity?

The Rolex Explorer II has always been a bestseller, however, it never gained popularity like other branded watches. This is sole because of its unique aesthetic and smaller target market.

What Are The Top-Selling Rolex Explorer Watches?

The top best selling Rolex Explorer watches are:

  • 1997 Rolex Explorer I Black Dial (14720)
  • 1998 Rolex Explorer II White Dial (16570)
  • 1993 Rolex Explorer II  Black Dial (16570)
  • 1965 Vintage Rolex Explorer Tropical Dial
  • 1990 Rolex Explorer Rare Blackout Dial

The Rolex Explorer timepieces make for the best investment, whether you buy them new or as second-hand. While prices for the watch are non-negotiable, they are surely worth the value.

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