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Rolex Watches: Take A Closer Look At Them

Rolex carefully selects the materials for its watches because they are an important link in the lengthy chain of activities involved in producing a high-quality product. Each motion bridge, wheel, pinion, and feature of the case, bracelet, or dial is made of a cloth that has been meticulously chosen and re-evaluated regularly to ensure its overall performance and outstanding aesthetics. 

The pieces are all extremely small, and the production process has a significant failure rate. All of these movements must be hand-assembled by trained Swiss artisans, and with Switzerland’s labour costs among the highest in the world, Rolexes are not cheap.

Currently, Rolex watches have graduated to cutting edge material 904L stainless steel from industry standard 316L stainless steel. Rolex had to completely restructure its manufacturing facilities to handle the new material, which is notoriously difficult to produce.

Rolex rose to the top of the watch industry as a result of its outstanding achievements and inventions. One part of the brand’s marketing strategy, however, proved to be a game-changer. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel for ten hours while wearing an Oyster Case. Wilsdorf had assured them that if she wore the watch around her neck, it would not leak. Wilsdorf capitalised on the success by launching a newspaper advertisement showcasing Mercedes Gleitze’s evaluation of the Oyster Case’s performance.

In a word, Rolex’s incredible advancements have helped it become the most popular watch brand on the planet. The company’s strategy for adding new features and functionality to its goods, as well as the marketing techniques it employed to publicise these innovations and ideas.

Rolex also caters to women who want their timepieces to be adorned with gorgeous stones. NGG Timepieces Thailand is one such female-oriented brand.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Rolex

  1. A new Rolex watch with a factory warranty can only be purchased from an authorised dealer. There aren’t any exceptions!
  2. First and foremost, if the bracelet does not match the watch, proceed to the next dealer. The bracelet can tell you whether the watch is genuine. Pick up the watch and place it on a soft surface with the face of the watch facing down. Take a look at the bracelet’s links. Are they all kinked up or are they hanging nice and smooth? Those bracelet links may stretch a little with use, but they never kink. 
  3. Genuine Rolex watches come with a Hologram-encoded sticker on the back. A hologram Rolex crown logo is above the reference number, which is unique to the watch. While fake Rolexes may have stickers on the back, they are rarely true holograms that change appearance when rotated or viewed from various angles.

Therefore, a person may go with NGG Timepieces Thailand, for a perfect watch.

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