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Pakistani Designer Suits in India

Though India has a flourishing indigenous textile industry, the second largest within the country in terms of employment generation, the lawn and chiffon designer suits manufactured in Pakistan are increasingly gaining ground. They had far few takers a decade ago and were a rare find. The launch of Zindagi TV which televised Pakistani shows in India catalyzed the growth and the market was soon flooded with cotton suits imported from Pakistan.

Even post the demise of TV shows, the craze did not fade and Indian ladies are still gaga over the exotic lawn fabric. Though cotton suits are run-of-the-mill in India, but the Pakistani lawn fabric is substantially different. It is feather-light and soft lending it a lavish charm not present in their Indian counterpart. Gujarati manufacturers have made several attempts to replicate the quality, but they failed to do so. An experienced customer can easily tell the different by simply touching the fabric. Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz and Khaadi are some the major brands in this segment.

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Importing pakistani designer suits in India is a herculean task in itself, owing to the sour relations between the two countries, which has intensified with the last few years. Nevertheless, pakistani lawn suits are available both offline and online. Offline vendors and shopkeepers stock both replica and original products and they often sell the replica version to the unwary customer. A work-around to this situation is buying them online from YourLibaas – Pakistani Suits. Almost all of the brands are available online and they can be ordered through cash on delivery. The lawn clothing has another advantage over the Indian cotton: The can be washed normally and do not shrink. Lawn and chiffon fabric also retains its original color and strength. The ethnic suits are usually unstitched and thereby allow easy customizations although one has to find a specialized tailor if the modification is significant. Over the years, the trend of unstitched suits has decreased, and ladies prefer readymade suits. On the other hand, unstitched apparel opens a new world of possibilities. One can browse one of the popular brands to get a better insight Gul Ahmed Online.

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