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How to Look Great and Have Fun in Your Wedding Photo Shoot: 6 Pro Model Tips

While taking candid pictures is a fun part of any wedding, most brides want to look like a model in the photos of their special day (and there’s no question why — they want to look their most radiant, and they want to revisit that day years and years into the future).

If you are getting ready to tie the knot soon, we’ve got great news! Here, experienced international female models share tips on how you can look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding photos.

1. Book a pre-wedding shoot

Before your big day, it would be best to schedule an engagement shoot with your chosen photographer. You may think that this is just an added expense, but this actually serves as a good practice run. It gives you the best opportunity to learn how to look great in your wedding photos.

A pre-wedding photo shoot will also capture some parts of your love story. And most importantly, this will give you the opportunity to build rapport with your photographers and videographers so you won’t feel shy and awkward with each other during your big day. Remember that feeling good about being in photos will make a huge difference in the images that will be captured on your wedding day.

2. Practice different poses

Talent casting agency professionals always say that proper positioning plays a crucial role in achieving great-looking photos — and that includes wedding photos.

First, practice holding your flowers below your belly button level. Make sure that they are not too low or too high. This will prevent issues like bingo wings and crushed skin. In fact, the flowers will help cover your stomach if you feel self-conscious about this area.

Second, know where your hips are. This may sound silly, but some women don’t know what to do when asked to put their hands on their hips. Doing this will lure everyone’s attention to your body’s smallest width, as well as elongate your legs.

Third, keep your upper limbs away from your body. This strategic positioning can make you look thinner. And this works both for women and men.

Lastly, you should practice with your partner. This is the best way to get natural and casual shots of you both.

Practicing your poses ahead of time will save you a lot of time during your wedding day. This will also help you determine your good side for the camera. Don’t forget to inform your photographer which side you prefer so they can capture you from that side more often than the other.

3. Let a professional do your hair and makeup

Even when you love fixing your hair and doing your own makeup, It’s best to let a professional do it for you for your wedding. Again, you have to schedule a hair and makeup trial to see how you will look during your big day.

Also, take photos so you can check how your chosen look will translate into pictures. A trial session will give you the chance to change your hairstyle and makeup until your desired result is achieved, which would be impossible to do during your actual wedding day.

If you’re used to wearing light makeup, you may need to wear a bit more for your wedding because makeup will look different under lots of lights and on camera. Before protesting, let your hair stylist and makeup artist do their jobs first so you can get an idea of the difference. True hair and makeup experts will know what will look best on you.

But this does not necessarily mean that you can’t suggest anything – feel free to voice out your preferences and any concerns. After all, it is your wedding! They are ready to work with you to achieve the perfect look that you will love.

4. Maintain good posture

Maintaining good posture is easier said than done. Often, couples can forget to stand up straight in their photos. This is important because this will make you appear taller and more confident.

Though it is crucial to keep good posture, you should not overdo it. Be natural! Let your body move naturally by bending your joints and keeping your body language realistic.

5. Trust your photographer

Of course, you have chosen an experienced and knowledgeable photographer, so don’t be surprised if, for example, they ask you to pose under the shade rather than walk out to an open area during a beautiful sunny day. Listen to their suggestions and give them a try even if they may sound unusual.

You may be amazed by the stunning images they have captured while doing so later on. After all, they are fully aware that your wedding pictures are some of the most precious keepsakes that will last long after your wedding day, so they understand how perfectly you want them to turn out.

6. Smile, laugh and have fun!

It might sound strange, but when it comes to smiling, practice makes perfect. Models recommend placing your favorite portraits next to a mirror and mimicking the expressions in them. The more you smile, the more natural it will feel during your big day, regardless of how nervous you might be.

Do not underestimate how powerful smiling can be. Your face will look natural and stay relaxed if you smile and laugh often. So relax, have fun and enjoy your special day.

Good luck and best wishes!


Jessicka Bell co-founded the AgenC, one of the leading model/talent agencies in the Middle East, in 2014. After just three years in the market, the AgenC now works with most (if not all) of the heavy hitters in media and fashion, as well as represents over 1,000 talents ranging from international models through to cast, kids, creatives and photographers.

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