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Greater Options for the Choice of Best T Shirts

Every day, many customers ask us for advice and suggestions on high quality products to personalize, suitable for creating a successful brand from scratch. 

Would you like to create a clothing line too? 

Here are our guidelines, based on the most frequently asked questions. Thanks to these indications you will be able to buy the products best suited to your collection, at the best price! In fact, very high prices are not always synonymous with high quality.


Generally, the top of the range material is considered 100% cotton, free of synthetic fibers. To make your product more interesting for the market, it might be appropriate to evaluate alternatives in organic cotton: in the face of a small premium price, the final result is much more attractive, thanks to the formidable characteristics of the fabric and the production process. If the goal is to create a fashion line, special fabrics are also available or advanced mixed fabrics. Discover all the materials available on our site. With the Family Photo Holiday Shirts  you can have the best deals now.

Wearability – It is essential to carefully choose the products, carefully studying the technical data sheets. On our site there are the technical data sheets for each product, with indication of the measures in cm. If you are looking for a product that fits in a dry way or that has an abundant fit, you can filter the products according to their characteristics, thus avoiding making your production on a support that is not suited to your needs. The advice is always to get at least one sample before proceeding with the order.

Color – Each manufacturer has its own color chart: this means that if you buy a red Fruit of the Loom t-shirt and a red C t-shirt, the red dot will probably be different. Our advice is to try not to mix different items and colors, so as to obtain a uniform collection.

Details – A much requested detail is the personalization of the interior of the package. Whether it is printing or the application of a label, this detail is often one of the requests that affects the final price of production the most. Often the user tends to evaluate “basic” t-shirts, because they are less expensive, not considering the possibility of being able to carry out ancillary workings and having to incur additional costs to carry out an ex post customization (for example, removing the manufacturer’s label and then perform hot stamping or application of a custom label). On the contrary, considering the purchase of label free products, you can directly benefit from the advantages deriving from a garment that is not already labeled by the manufacturer, saving time and obtaining a product that is qualitatively better and more suitable for sale.

Printing technique – If you intend to make a one-off production, for example for a cultural or musical event, which includes important quantities and only one image to print, our advice is to choose screen printing. In this way you will succeed in get the best value for money. If, on the other hand, you need to create different subjects, more or less complex, and even replenishments over time, digital printing is the optimal solution: thanks to this technique it is possible to make small lots and manage restocking or specific requests, minimizing the stock, which represents a very common obsession.

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