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Choose Your Style with the Ghillie Shirts

If you decide to choose a ghillie shirt, then you need to pay attention to its color, style and a lot of other nuances. Otherwise, choosing a ghillie shirt that is not suitable for the place where you are going, you risk looking ridiculous. And of course, we must remember the most important thing that melted: a good ghillie shirt is one that sits well! But first things first

Ghillie shirt sleeve length

Wrong: many people choose ghillie shirts whose sleeves are short. Some pay attention to the length of the sleeve, but forget that the best ghillie shirt take their final size only after the fourth or fifth wash. Consequently, the new ghillie shirt does not yet have either the final sleeve length or the exact size of the collar. Therefore, a good cutter will add material to the shrinkage of the product, so that even after several washes, the ghillie shirt fits perfectly.

The length of the sleeve of the jacket

Most people buy ghillie shirts with too short sleeves and jackets with too long sleeves. The cuffs of such a ghillie shirt disappear under the sleeves of the jacket, giving the impression that under the jacket is a ghillie shirt with short sleeves. Moreover, even a well-fitting jacket looks too large if the sleeves of the ghillie shirt are too long.

That’s right, if both the ghillie shirt and the jacket are of the correct length, then the edge of the cuff will look about half an inch (1 cm), although some people prefer it more. In exceptional cases, the sleeves of the jacket may seem too short in relation to its length, but since the jacket is never worn without a ghillie shirt, it is not striking and may even look good. The length of the cuff, exceeding the length of the jacket sleeve, visually lengthens the arm, provided that the length of the ghillie shirt sleeve is correct. A man with short arms can, of course, use this effect.


If the outer edge of the best ghillie brogues shirt collar is not covered by the lapel of the jacket, this usually means that the collar is not tailored perfectly. The harmonious relationship between the ghillie shirt collar, tie and jacket is broken if the material on the front shelf of the ghillie shirt peeks between the ghillie shirt collar and the lapel. Of course, this problem rarely arises in double-breasted jackets and never in a well-tailored suit.

That’s right: the outer edge of the ghillie shirt collar and its ends should be clearly covered by the lapel of the jacket. Only in this way does perfect harmony arise between the lines of the collar, tie and lapel framing them. A ghillie shirt collar with elongated sharp ends is most difficult to cover with a lapel, unless the jacket is sewn adjacent and with a high neckline. The “cut-off” collar is usually elegant because its outer edge is always covered with a lapel, even if the jacket is not too well cut.


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