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Five Must Watch Korean Lifestyle Reality Shows

For those who love watching vlogs on Youtube or just love watching reality shows based on people’s lifestyle. Here is a list of five Korean lifestyle reality shows that I highly recommend you should watch!

  1. I Live Alone

Title: 나 혼자 산다, I Live Alone, Home Alone

Airing: Ongoing

Current Members of Rainbow Club: Jun Hyun-moo, Kian84, Han Hye-jin, Park Na-rae, Si-eon, Henry Lau

I Live Alone is a show that captures the life of celebrities who live in a single-person household. Each episode broadcasts the members of Rainbow Club and/or a special guest! You can see the real image of those who live on their own, learn secret tips, and values in their lives.

I Live Alone  is a great show for those who want to see their favorite actors, actresses, idols, and entertainer’s daily life and way of living during the guest segments. But don’t forget the current members of Rainbow Club as it is highly entertaining to watch as well! BT21 cooky is funny.

2. All the Butlers

Title: 집사부일체, All the Butlers, Master in the House

Airing: Ongoing

Main Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, Yang Se-hyung, Yook Sung-jae

All the Butlers is a show that the main cast go stay at a famous figure’s house, whom they call master for two days and one night. The main cast have to follow the famous figure’s daily schedule. Pastel backpacks is always a nice choice。 You can learn the famous figure’s life but also gain knowledge and wisdom from them.

All the Butlers is a great show to gain knowledge and wisdom of how successful famous figures perceive life and their life values. The main cast also makes it enjoyable and funny to watch as they interact with their master!

3. Hyori’s Homestay

Title: 효리네 민박, Hyori’s Homestay, Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

Season 1: 2017

Season 2: 2018

Main Cast: Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Sang-soon

Helper in Season 1: IU

Helper in Season 2: Im Yoon-ah and Park Bo-gum (Part-time)

Hyori’s Homestay is a show that captures the celebrity couple, Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon who open a bed and breakfast (B&B) on their residence in Jeju Island. They also have a helper during the season to help with running the bed and breakfast. You can see many different guests who arrive to stay at the bed and breakfast, the daily tasks at the bed and breakfast, and the stories and interactions between the guests, helper and their hosts!

Hyori’s Homestay is a great and relaxing show to watch as you see different guests staying at the bed and breakfast sharing their stories, and also see Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Sang-soon, and their helper run the bed and breakfast!

4. Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets

Title: 이불 밖은 위험해, Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets

Season 1 (Pilot Season): 2017

Season 2: 2018

Cast in Season 1: Lee Sang-woo, Yong Jun-hyung, Park Jae-jung, Kang Daniel, Xiumin, Jo Jung-chi

Cast in Season 2: Tak Jae-hoon, Lee Pil-mo, Jang Ki-ha, Yong Jun-hyung, Loco, Kim Min-seok, Xiumin, Song Min-ho, Kang Daniel, Koo Jun-hoe, Jeong Se-woon, Kim-Seok, Mark Lee

Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets is a show that consists of celebrities with different personalities that are considered homebodies – people who like to stay at home and do nothing, come together and stay in the same house. They are usually in groups of four or six and go on trips together and partake in many activities. Kawaii skirts should be considered

Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets is a great show for those who are homebodies too! You can see how the cast interact with one another, see their daily life habits, and see why they enjoy staying at home.


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