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DIY Ideas for Rave and Music Festival Clothing

Are you ready to attend your first music festival or EDM show? This is your chance to shine! Ladies and gentlemen, use your imagination to figure out an impressive outfit. Even though the main interest of a rave party is the music (and the dancing and fun that goes along with it), your costume is part of the experience too! 

Here are a few ideas to create your own DIY rave outfit

Ladies, remember that rave parties and EDM show are typically held in dark locations or at night, and the main lighting are strobes and laser lights so your clothing should reflect that. Prefer bright colors. Gentlemen, male rave fashion changes fast, but we hope that the following tips will help you create your perfect rave outfit. 


  • For girls: have you ever seen LED hoodies? They are amazing. Wear them, and you’ll be sure to attract all kinds of compliments. Don’t hesitate to check out LED sunglasses, rave masks or light-up hoods, as well.
  • For men: rave masks come in all kinds of unique and cool designs. You can add a pair of trendy rave sunglasses to make an impression. 


  • For girls: remember that it will be dark and choose brightly colored tops and body suits. Light reflective elements make for fun details too.
  • For men: check out some awesome arc-reactor shirts, but tank tops (especially those sporting unusual illustrations) work very well too. 


  • For girls: one word (or rather three): LED rave gloves! You can even find some that are sound activated! 
  • For men: same thing than for the ladies, LED rave gloves are the trendiest thing. There is nothing better to enhance your dance moves… 

Bottoms and legs: 

  • For girls: skirts, shorts and pants are all acceptable bottoms. If you are going for shorts or skirts, don’t hesitate to accessorize with leg warmers. Bright neon colors and metallic tones work well for music festivals. For footwear, don’t hesitate to add a pair of Plasma LED rave shoes!
  • For men: leave the jeans at home and flaunt a more exciting option like rave pants! They are sure to put you in the mood! They come with glow in the dark details that will make a lasting impression. These plasma LED rave shoes will be a good choice for your feet as well! 

We hope you enjoy your first rave or music festival and have fun picking your new outfit! Don’t worry, you will be hooked!


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