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Key advantages of wearing linen clothes

Linen is one of the oldest, most respected natural fibers in the world. Its many unique qualities were worshiped in Ancient Egypt, and even though a few millennia have passed, linen still holds its status as the world’s best natural fiber. It took a dip in popularity at the end of the 20th century, when synthetic products asserted their dominance in the fashion world. In the recent few years, a healthy lifestyle trend started affecting our lives, and with it, linen took back its spot as a favorite with a majority of people. Linen clothes are loved by many designers since the material can create outfits that never disappoint in their levels of class and elegance.

Linen dresses, shirts, and trousers are making their way back into our wardrobes, and this comeback should be celebrated. Here we present to you a few advantages of wearing linen clothes.

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Durability & unmatched strength

It is safe to say that linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber and the fact that it gets stronger every time we wash it is incredible. Although linen clothes are usually a bit more expensive, some people find it hard to understand how long you’ll be able to wear them. Some people manage to wear their linen dresses for their entire lives and even pass them on to their daughters. The strong and sturdy nature of the fabric attracts the attention of many people, looking for a durable, reliable, beautiful, and comfortable piece of clothing. Take proper care of your linen clothing and it will last for many years to come.

Desirable versatility

Strength and durability allow the linen to be worn for many years, but a lot of people wear linen clothes strictly during the summer when the benefits of the fabric are maximized. Linen clothing can and should be worn in any kind of weather. It’s most beneficial when humid and hot because it manages to absorb and wick away any unwanted moisture, which can cause a lot of discomfort. Its slightly rough texture prevents the fabric from sticking to your body, which results in a much more comfortable wearing experience.

Linen is environmentally friendly

Linen is produced from the stalks of a flax plant. This particular plant is very resilient and can grow on pretty poor soil without the need for any fertilizer. Production of linen is not water-intensive and the entirety of the flax plant can be properly used. The demand for flax seeds and oils has significantly increased, thanks to them playing a role in the healthy food industry. By wearing linen clothes, you support the environmentally friendly manufacturing of clothing. Leading by an example and switching to linen can make a huge difference in protecting our environment.

Impressive absorbency and breathability

The main reason why linen is worshiped during the summer is its incredible breathability. You can wear linen on the hottest day of the summer, and you will only start to feel slight levels of wetness after the fabric absorbs more than a 1/5 of its body weight. Wearing linen will keep you cool, comfortable, and you will never have to worry about perspiration again!

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