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Designing Out Of Waste: BAD’s Movement Towards Closing The Loop In The Workwear Industry

Millions of tonnes of plastics waste end up in our landfills and oceans every single year. Waste management is a universal issue that should concern every person on the planet. For too many years, we have been ignoring it. Thankfully, waste management has changed substantially over recent years, our recycling rate has increased, and we all are walking on an eco-friendly path. We have repeatedly heard the slogan “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle”, but now, it is actually being implemented.

Along with the government, the private sector is also playing its part to help out the environment. Many companies have now started recycling waste to produce goods. On an individual level, you can support these businesses by purchasing products made from recycled materials and, most importantly, minimise the use of plastics.

BAD Workwear is one of the leading workwear manufacturers in Australia who use recycled fabrics to make their workwear, without compromising on the quality.

Using recycled textiles reduces the amount of waste in landfills and reduces our collective carbon footprint. The benefits of recycling are immense – and business owners should have this ingrained in their minds when producing goods.

Using sustainable fabric is already a great addition to what BAD Workwear is creating, which is sustainable business practices. However, they are aware that it is a loop, and they must keep using resources in order to continue reusing and recycling.

What BAD are doing reduces the need for newly manufactured fibres, which eventually saves water and energy and reduces the use of dyes and chemicals. However, this process is somehow incomplete as we are missing out on an important aspect. We have to give back to nature, the resources we have used – the trees and plants. This is the only way to close the loop.

BAD Workwear, however, already has this sorted. At BAD Workwear a portion of every order is donated to reforest previously cleared or degraded land with projects like Fazenda São Nicolau, helping to regrow forest ecosystems. Their donations have helped to plant approximately 1 million trees throughout deforested areas of Brazil.

By shopping with BAD Workwear, you are buying high-quality work clothes and participating in waste management and forestation. As a customer, you have the most significant role in building an eco-friendly and smart society. Make sure you buy environmentally responsible products and donate clothes that you don’t wear from now on.

BAD doesn’t only take care of the environment, but its customers also. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and will always be. The quality of workwear pieces they manufacture, from work pants, hi-vis vests to jackets and work boots, are extremely high-quality and free from toxic materials.

They also offer AfterPay services, which means you can buy now and pay later so that shopping is not too tough on your bank account. Visit their store today or shop online and help make this world a better place to live for all.

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