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Decide to wear an alternative type of ring when you marry

Have you thought about the materials of your wedding rings? Why do so many people choose gold, white gold or silver? Sure they are costly and are traditional, but are they the only options out there? And if we think that some people may prefer not to wear their wedding rings due to allergies (more common than you may think) to these traditional materials, we start to look out there for other alternatives regarding wedding bands materials.

The thing is that traditionally, most people have been traditionally enamored with the idea of very expensive jewelry for the time they get married. Sometimes commitment is equaled with price and shininess. In turn, we want to equal durability (and shininess too!) as well as scratch resistance. We know that people marry with the promise of a long lasting commitment and dedication to their significant other. The materials in these rings bear a resemblance to that passion for the love of your life and the promise that your union is going to be strong and resilient for better and for worse.

But now it is time to break the mold. Modern times require modern decisions and to say goodbye to traditionalist decisions, new materials have been used to create a different effect on the wearer. We are talking about Tungsten, a material that can be as shiny as some of the most polished metals out there, but also has this mysterious reflective character to it that makes it unique.

We present you the Tungsten wedding band, an alternative to other materials with a twist that may get people’s attention: its durability and shininess. Tungsten rings are a new trend that has been going on for a while, and it is not hard to notice why: manufacturers offer a wide variety of design options and even other metals with audacious color combinations. Why have the same as everyone else? Tungsten wedding rings can make you look more modern and can be had in many colors and interesting designs.

Why do we say modern? It is easy to think of the materials and looks of classic wedding rings because they all look the same. And that’s not anyone’s fault. Wedding bands are simply so based on a tradition that they have become too standardized and hard to customize. On the flip side, Tungsten wedding rings can be presented in bold color choices and finishes. In the next lines, we will describe you just some of the most common designs, finishes, and materials found on Tungsten wedding bands websites.

The Black Tungsten Wedding band (With Colors)

Both the groom and the bride often choose this type of Tungsten band because they happen to have a unisex character and look serious but stylish. This wedding band features a mostly Tungsten surface with a band in the middle of it that can be of multiple colors. The colored band is often presented in an Anodized finish, which makes it look very modern and interesting (the colors change depending on your perspective).

The Classic Approach

This is a Tungsten wedding band that has a more conservative approach to the Tungsten ring. They often feature a wide surface of Tungsten and gold or sometimes silver binding on the sides. It is still Tungsten, often presented in a matte finish just to be contrasted with the Shiny look of the gold sides.

The Tungsten ring with wooden Inlays

This type of ring is for those who love the classy appearance that wood conveys. Woods such as Mahogany are often used, and this natural material is often contrasted with shiny Tungsten for the rest of the wedding band

The Wedding Band with Deer Antler Inlay

This one is loved by those who can relate to hunting sports and the satisfaction they provide. Winners love to have this theme on something that they will wear very often such as wedding rings.

Titanium Steel and other combinations

Some rings allow buyers to experiment. Sometimes unique designs can only be reached if the materials are many and the combinations are bold. Even black diamonds are used.

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