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ALL You Need to Know About Pokemon TCG

As far as collectable trading card games go, Pokemon takes an awful lot of beating, and since its arrival in the 1990s, Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) has set the standard for online gaming, and with innovative strategies and add-ons, players from all over the world can pit their wits against others. If you have only just discovered the game and would like to begin to learn how to play, here is a brief overview of the game.

Online Resources

As one might expect, Pokemon TCG online trading is a big part of the game, and there are trainer packs, which can be purchased and downloaded, allowing you to gradually become more proficient in your gaming strategies. Being able to play against others of similar ability and experience soon hones a person’s Pokemon skills, with Pokemon card prices that vary depending on the card. The best way to introduce yourself to the strange world of Pokemon TCG is to do some online research, where there are many useful tutorials, and if you want to know where to buy Pokemon trading cards, look no further than the Internet.

The Game Itself

We all know that Pokemon is a character created for video games, yet the trading card game soon took over as the most popular form of play, and with online playing, you can battle it out with players from all over the world. There is little doubt that Pokemon trading card games have a greater following than any of the other trading card game, and for a brief overview, here is an explanation of how to play.

The Pokemon Cards

Players take on the role of Pokemon trainers and the 60 card deck comprises of Pokemon, Energy and trainer cards, each with its own specific value. One must attack one’s opponent’s Pokemons and these attacks use a certain amount of energy, and there are actually 3 ways in which a player can win.

  1. If you manage to collect all of an opponent’s Prize cards, then you are the winner.
  2. When your opponent has run out of cards and cannot draw any more, then you are the winner.
  3. If an opponent has no more Pokemon to play, they are out of the game.

Pokemon Card Types

There are three types of Pokemon cards which players must use in their efforts to gain an advantage over their opponents, and the first is Pokemon cards, which are the most important, and each player can have up to four Pokemon cards in their hand at any one time. Trainer cards give the player support by empowering the player to carry out certain actions, and like Pokemon cards, a player can have up to four in his or her deck. Finally, there are Energy cards that fuel the actions taken by the Pokemon, and with eleven different forms of energy that can be used, a player can only use one per turn, and this is where skill and experience come into play.

There are many websites where you can buy everything you need to get started, including trainer packs that are designed for the new player, and with online tutorials, you will soon become proficient and can embark on the long and challenging path to becoming a Pokemon expert.

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