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Wearing Tiara Crystal Crown Girl, Elizabeth II

Commemorative Coin Pendant 

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Before her death on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, performed a necessary legal function simply by existing — the crown must sanction all legislation passed by Parliament in the United Kingdom. If that sanction has become ritualistic and automatic, the fact remains that the Queen could, in theory, have refused to approve something. And she was still Head of State even if she was not Head of Government, and the girl, always wearing her tiara crystal crown represents the crown which is  the source of legal authority in the U.K.

But Queen Elizabeth’s lack of hard power also doesn’t mean she had no accomplishments to point to. Although most of those achievements were behind the scenes and a little more subtle than the treaties, executive orders, and directives presidents and prime ministers can deal out, they’re still pretty significant. Since Queen Elizabeth managed all this without direct authority, they’re possibly even more impressive. Here are Queen Elizabeth II’s most notable accomplishments:

Her Participation in World War II

Princess Elizabeth was just 13 years old when World War II began in 1939. Elizabeth’s feeling of responsibility became stronger as the battle continued. She intended to join the military as soon as she turned 18, in 1944, but the royal family couldn’t risk endangering the heir to the throne. But Elizabeth was unyielding and persistent. Elizabeth was allowed to enlist in the military in 1945, at the age of 18. She enlisted in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), where she underwent six weeks of training as a mechanic.

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Tireless Service to Charity

It was said that Queen Elizabeth was one of the world’s biggest advocates for charity. It has been reported by Borgen Magazine that she donated to over 600 different British organizations. Raise a staggering £1.4 billion (near to $2 billion) and you may thank the queen. Fighting poverty became one of the queen’s primary goals. Being a patron of a charity brings more attention to it and provides opportunities for the queen and her family to conduct events to earn money.

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Working for Equal Race Representation in the Commonwealth

There is no evidence to suggest that the royal family is especially progressive. After all, as a group, they have special status, both individually and collectively, as aristocratic affluence. The queen’s long-term efforts on behalf of racial equality and progress across the globe were among her greatest accomplishments, despite their relative obscurity.

The New York Times pointed out that Queen Elizabeth had an early start on her career. She danced with Ghana’s first Black president, Kwame Nkrumah, in 1961. Many racists, both inside her realm and the wider Commonwealth, were horrified by this, but the queen remained firm in her advocacy of equality. And she labored covertly to have the Commonwealth denounce South Africa’s apartheid regime, only to be blocked by her own PM, Margaret Thatcher, who had both personal and political motives for opposing the declaration.

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The Stability Brought by Her

While being a steady and reliable leader may not seem like much, it was one of Queen Elizabeth’s crowning achievements. There had been some doubt before she took the throne. When she was just 10 years old, her uncle King Edward VIII abdicated, CBS News said, leaving the throne in chaos. Vanity Fair says her father unwillingly became King George VI because he was afraid of the limelight and unprepared.

While George VI’s accession to the throne temporarily resolved the country’s confidence issue, it soon became entangled in World War II. Bombs exploded throughout London, and the possibility of a German invasion of Great Britain was a serious concern, according to Britannica. The kingdom was just beginning to recover from the war when King George VI unexpectedly passed away at the early age of 52, leaving the throne to his daughter Elizabeth, then 25.

Forbes saw that Elizabeth offered the steadiness sorely needed in the wake of the conflict. Her level head in her new position was precisely what the country needed as it came from a particularly turbulent era, and it was still exactly whatever the country needed when a succession of new problems rained upon it, such as economic troubles and a diminished place on the international stage. The Independent argues that Elizabeth’s stability is especially important since the royal family’s relevance is always under doubt.

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