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5 Tips To Look Your Best In A Mens Sports Jacket And Suit

Are you ready for that interview or first date? Do you have the perfect outfit to impress? Don’t panic, we have the answers. You can rock a mens sports jacket and suit as long as you follow these tips. The look is more relaxed than business casual but it’s no hoodie and jeans combo. In fact, a mens sports jacket and suit has some similarities with a suit but with less formal details. It’s also more forgiving around the waist than a suit, which makes it much easier to find one that fits well. We’ve listed 5 tips to look for when shopping mens suit stores for the best in sports jackets and suits so that your next special occasion is nothing but smooth sailing.

Check the fit

When shopping for affordable mens suits, the fit of your mens sports jacket and suit is crucial to making sure it looks its best. Make sure it isn’t too large or too small. You want your jacket to hug your body but not be too tight. The sleeves should also be long enough. If they’re too short, they’ll ride up your forearms when you lift your arms. Also, make sure it’s long enough to cover your behind when you sit down. If you can see your backside when you sit down, you’re wearing the wrong size. When in doubt, get a larger size so you can easily tuck it in and have it altered to your perfect size.

Choose quality over quantity

You might be tempted to buy every colour of the rainbow, but it’s best to focus on fewer pieces in higher quality fabrics. The most common fabrics for mens tuxedo and suits are wool, cotton, and synthetic blends. Wool is best for winter. During the warm months, you can go with a lightweight cotton or synthetic blend. The advantage of synthetic fabrics is that they’re less expensive than wool and are wrinkle resistant. Instead of buying one of each colour, invest in two or three excellent pieces you can wear again and again. You can also opt for a wool or blended suit jacket in a neutral colour like grey or navy. You can then dress it up with a white or striped shirt and a colourful tie.

Find your favourite colour

Colour is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. You can go with a neutral colour like grey or navy for a classic mens sports jacket and suit look. Or you can opt for bold colours like red, blue, or yellow. Wool is the most common fabric for mens sports jackets and suits, but there are also plenty of synthetic fabrics in a variety of colours. Silk and linen are great fabrics for warm summer days. They’re lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle easily. They look best when paired with a wool-blend sports jacket. Silk, linen, and synthetic fabrics are not great in cold weather. You can pair them with an appropriate wool-blend sports jacket or throw on a heavy winter coat.

Don’t forget the shoes

If you’re going with a traditional mens sports jacket and suit outfit, you’re going to want a pair of black Oxfords on your feet. Wing tip Oxfords are a classic look, but any other type of plain Oxford will do just fine. If Oxford shoes are too formal for your outfit, you can go with brogues or even a pair of driving loafers. You can also wear brown Oxfords for an outfit that’s more casual. Other casual footwear includes casual sneakers and slip-on leather shoes.

Don’t be afraid to go dark

For a lot of guys, the thought of wearing black makes them nervous. They think it’s too formal or too slimming. You can still wear a black mens sports jacket and suit, but you don’t have to go all the way. If you want something a little different but still professional, go with a dark blue or a grey jacket with black pants. This colour scheme is perfect for a job interview or first date. If you want to go bold, there are lots of different colours you can wear. You can wear a red or blue blazer with black pants or even a pink or yellow blazer. Keep in mind that these are bold colours, so they shouldn’t be the only splash of colour in your outfit.


A mens sports jacket and suit is an excellent choice for a wide range of special occasions and casual events. It’s a more relaxed and less formal option than a traditional suit. You shouldn’t wear a mens sports jacket and suit if you have a particular occupation that requires a more formal dress code. You also shouldn’t wear it if you’re planning to be very active. And don’t forget that a mens sports jacket and suit can be dressed up or down depending on the colour and fabrics you choose. Now that you know the 5 tips to look your best in a mens sports jacket and suit, you’re ready to look sophisticated and professional whenever you need to.

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