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Tips to show off your evening dresses at a wedding

Finding evening dresses for a wedding, most of the times can be a very controversial issue. There are too many settled rules that you have to follow when wearing an evening dress at this kind of event. With a little help of experience and your friends, you will not have a bad time or feel out of place at the wedding you are attending. Remember, that is frown upon when someone uses the color white or wears an even more extravagant garment that the own wedding dress.  

Everyone always has doubts when selecting the outfit for a wedding party since we want to find in one dress, different aspects: elegance, modern and accordingly to our style.  

Weddings that are at night are much more elegant than those that take place during the day. At an evening wedding, it’s more common to find guests with long dresses.

That is why now we are going to share some fundamental tips on what to wear to a wedding and the latest trends in dresses that are being implemented for this year 2018. Look elegant without losing the style you have.

TIP 1:

Always keep in mind that the dress code can change, some can be informal and others full-dress. It all depends on the couple. That’s why we have to know the differences between dresses that we preferred and the ones we can actually use.

Try asking the couple or their closest friends what the dress code will be, remember that most of the times they add it to the invitation card. This way you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you can choose for the wedding. Doing this doesn’t show your clueless side, just your interest in this particular event. At a wedding, there is nothing worse than clashing with the other guests, and it can be highly notorious.

TIP 2:

The color for a night wedding is not a problem since it provides the opportunity to experiment. This season the colors that are going to be used the most will be black, red, olive green, blue and pastel pink. If you want to innovate a little, try violet or yellow. These colors will not only impact the worldwide runways but every single attendee of the party.

TIP 3:

Feathers, sequins, lace, and stones are already a trend and remain as excellent details. They look quite chic for ceremonial events like these. But keep in mind that you always have to use them with caution and moderation. The accessories must be the detail that makes your outfit stand out and captures all glances.

Remember that, if your dress already shines on its own, it is advisable not to use accessories as big or striking. It’s not proper to shine more than the bride.  

TIP 3:

Usually, we do not tend to worry much about the coat, until the day comes and it becomes a big mistake. Remember that mostly in the night the weather tends to get cold. It’s a fact that the party will end late, so it’s fundamental to have something that covers you and at the same time makes you feel comfortable and elegant.

If we use a long evening dress, it is best to use a short jacket, but if we have a small attire, it is best that the coat matches the length.

TIP 4:

If you want to use a dress that is short, at night, it matches very well. According to the color and the type of fabric, an evening dress over the knee can be as elegant as an ankle-length one.

But you always have to keep in mind that when you choose a dress that is too long, you can run the risk of not being able to enjoy the wedding as you wish, or it can also be complicated when walking or performing some dance movements.

You also have to keep in mind that, if your evening dress is too short and the neckline is very visible, you can look very exuberant for a wedding ceremony. It is better to combine a prominent cleavage with a long dress.

Following these tips, you can be a sophisticated and glamorous guest without reaching exaggeration.

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