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Pearls – A Magnificent Discovery

Rarity always gives value addition and importance to any commodity. The same very much applies to pearls too. For many centuries now, Pearls have been one of the most highly valued gemstones. They are looked upon as an epitome of beauty and elegance. Their possession happens to be a symbol of status and sophistication.


The formation of a natural pearl is one of the most amazing miracles of nature. When a parasite enters an oyster shell and stations itself in its body, in order to protect itself, the oyster discharges a crystal-like substance all around the parasite. In course of time, the parasite gets totally encased in this silky substance ending up as a beauty called a pearl.

Eventually, man discovered the process of pearl formation and started cultivating the same. They are called cultured pearls. It is done both in salt water and fresh water. Its process is the same except that the foreign body inside the oyster’s shell is placed by human hands and not by chance.

Cultivation of pearls has made it possible for such a rare gem to be amply available in the market to be bought by people from all strata.


  • Occurring uninhibited, in the wild, natural pearls are extremely rare.
  • The majority of pearls currently sold are basically cultured pearls cultivated from fresh water mussels and pearl oysters. They are also called framed pearls.
  • Imitation pearls are also widely sold and used these days for their inexpensiveness. However, they can be effortlessly distinguished from the genuine pearls.


Coming from the sea, Pearls get their charming beauty from the aquatic world. Their essence can be seen reflecting from any and every piece of jewelry they are embedded into. Be it a tiara, a pair of pearl earrings, the ever-elegant pearl necklace or even in the form of a brooch, you cannot resist turning your head towards it. They are not only versatile in the sense that they can be set in every kind of jewelry but also because they are a favorite amongst all age groups. Pearls can be adorned on in any kind of occasion, formal as well as informal and never go out of fashion.

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