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Outdoor Clothing: bomber jackets are a Must have

The onion principle refers to the layering of clothing during outdoor activities. However, in my opinion, the conventionally known and ‘learned’ onion peel principle is not optimally adapted to higher loads than going for a walk.

When choosing the right clothes, it’s basically about protection from the elements like rain, snow, and wind! Clothes should be selected according to this principle. The second principle is especially important in sports activities: the physical effect of evaporative cooling. When water evaporates on a surface, energy is released. This leads to a cooling effect. This effect is now to be used intelligently for oneself: in the summer one can help by moisture or its evaporation to cool the body to the optimal operating temperature. In the winter, of course, this cooling effect is absolutely to be avoided. In short, in summer sweat should and can cool the body, in winter this can have serious consequences. With the onion principle, you can control these effects.

For climbing, mountain hiking or trekking, that is, in mountain sports in general, one should not be too impressed by the manufacturer’s wonder materials. Of course, not only do they provide the right clothing for every imaginable situation, they may even evoke needs and create situations that lead to higher sales figures but do not always correspond to the actual field of application. Visit buy bomber jackets online websites for best jackets.

Conventional Onion Principle

The traditional onion shell principle is based on the idea that several layers of functional clothing are worn one on top of the other. Adapted to the climate and the weather, different layer thicknesses and lengths are combined, from inside to outside: sweat-transporting underwear (base layer), above that an insulation layer, if necessary, and then a breathable and/or waterproof layer (hard-shell or soft-shell – depending on Weather either with waterproof membrane or only windproof material).

In principle, this system is a good starting point for a walk, but it has to be made more concrete and carefully adapted for sweaty outdoor applications such as hiking, mountaineering or running and trail running. In this article, we address other important issues that should be considered when choosing functional clothing.

Final Words

During winter, the right clothes can go along with your fashion but most vital is the protection against cold. The term “Onion principle” is a popular term which is quite popular and can be applied as the winter is fast drawing close. Having sweat jackets to prevent being cold is an important health factor which shouldn’t be neglected.   

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