A mirror  suppliers is an object that reflects light. A glossy polished surface usually acts as a mirror. Due to the reflection, you can see the image of the object in the mirror. Mirrors are great for keeping quick touch-ups and make-up perfect. The disadvantage of this type of mirror is that it is easy to apply and discolour cosmetics, limiting its effectiveness. 



 A concave mirror is the shape of a curved mirror that curves inward like a spoon. This curved mirror is used to focus the light and magnify the object in front of it. Because of this magnification, it's best to dent in the mirror when applying makeup. 


Plane Mirrors are the most common mirrors-like those on the walls of a bedroom or in a dressing room in a department store. A plane mirror is a  piece of flat glass that reflects the same (or nearly identical) image as the object in front of it. 


Another form of a curved mirror is a convex mirror. In contrast to a curved mirror, a curved mirror curves outwards, making the object look smaller than magnifying it. These are typically used for safety reasons to display more than they would appear in a flat mirror. 


The Magnification Mirror is the best make-up mirror that allows you to get very close to your face with a magnification level of 2x to 10x or more, even without glasses. 

 Some premium mirrors have two or more magnification options. So if the view is too close and uncomfortable, you can quickly return by switching to a lower level. When buying a mirror, look for an illuminated makeup mirror. The Magnification Mirror works the same and distorts your standard view! Neither the fan house mirror nor the magnification mirror surface is flat. For magnifying mirrors, they are uniform and slightly concave. So, although not shaped like a funhouse mirror, both images change based on where the light reflects. 

 Light hits the face with a makeup mirror and is reflected by the mirror. The concave or parabolic shape of the mirror focuses the light beam and intensifies it as it approaches the focal point. As you move away from the mirror, the magnification increases and the field of view narrows. 

Today's makeup mirrors have many magnification levels. You may also need to lower or increase the magnification, depending on where you place the mirror (table, countertop, or wall mount). Only you can decide how close you want the close-up to be. You can also select multiple magnification mirrors.