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Great look is something very important. That is why the fashion industry is one of the most lucrative in the world today. What makes us look good ranges from the clothes we wear on our body, to the shoes on our feet and the jewelry on our neck. Jewelry is one of the most expensive and beautiful fashion products. Pieces of jewelry are made up of different things like gold, silver, precious stones, crystals like the Rivoli crystal and also glass.  

Have you ever seen Matubo beads from the Czech Republic? Matubo beads come in various shape and perfect luster. There are a variety of Matubo bead products, they are used for jewelry production. They have variety of products like the Matubo Gemudo, Matubo Nib-bit, Matubo Miniduo, Matubo Rivoli, the list continues. But this article will discuss more about the Matubo Rivoli. The Rivoli crystals are very beautiful, with shiny appearance, they are the delight of any fashionable person. Pieces of jewelry are made from these crystals. Rivoli stones come in various sizes like the 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. Also Matubo Rivoli are available in varieties of colors, as much as thirty-nine colors.  

That is a lot you will say. Which definitely means that anyone would be able to get any suitable one for herself or as a present for a loved one.  

Ordinary stones as beautiful and colorful as they may be can’t be worn immediately on the body as Jewelries, some operations would be performed on it, so it can a jewelry. Rivoli crystals undergo some operations before they become pieces of jewelry just like any other crystal.  

For example, a Rivoli crystal or stone can be bezeled. That is a rim and a flange will be designed around the Crystal and will be fastened around it. To perform bezeling, you might add crystals to your favorite design in specific way you want it by modelling for example a backless peyote stitch bezel. These your favorite bezel design can then be created in colors to make the Rivoli crystals stand in your design.

Making Rivoli crystals into jewelry is easy as long as you are ready to learn it. Not only is it easy to learn but it is also important to learn it, because bead making and jewelry making are very important aspect of the fashion designing industry.

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