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Lords of the Underground: Passion and Style in One with Drivn Apparel

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Blending passion and style is nothing new, but can you do it from the underground while garnering a similar cult like following? If it’s the Drivn Apparel brand, then the answer is yes.  Chances are, you have never heard of the brand and they would tell you that is just the way they like it. Creating and designing from the underground is the brand’s ethos and what has carried them through to this day and they do not much care to tinker with a winning formula. Drivn Apparel is a clothing brand specially created for passionate individuals, especially those with active lifestyles such as skateboarders, DJ’s, BMX riders, even some race car drivers and of course, your everyday lover of unique and indelible streetwear. You can find more information about the brand at

Drivn Apparel is a clothing and accessory brand built from the ground up in a most unlikely place. It was established in June of 1993, an American apparel brand based in San Marcos, Texas. Its main markets are skateboarders, youth, hip-hop cultures, and counterculture. It does not only specialize in apparel and accessories but also skateboards, making it a one-stop-shop for skateboard enthusiasts.

From the Mud to the Markets

From a small brand in 1993, Drivn Apparel remains fiercely underground – foregoing large advertising campaigns and slamming their clothing in every nook and cranny the physical and digitals marquis will allow – to one of the most “famous” brands among the youth and sports enthusiasts. Famous is in quotations because they would never speak of themselves in that manner. It started with a vision of a student, O.D. Crayton III, an ex-BMX racer, avid amateur race car driver and artist, and his art student roommate, David McClinton. The vision was then turned to plan and plan into action. However, it was a long journey to success. Their products were sold on consignment at local thrift shops and regional clothing retailers in Texas. 

It took years before the brand became known to many, especially when it featured with its own booth at Austin’s SXSW. Since then, it has established a loyal group of followers from its humble and unlikely beginnings in San Marcos to fans and followers around the world.

Today, Drivn Apparel remains one of the most sought after and discussed underground streetwear brands, especially for the trendy youth andstreetwear market. It sets itself apart from the rest because of authenticity, style, cryptic artwork, and shunning the spotlight. The attention to detail, unique and coded designs, and care-free spirit packed into each product are the reasons why Drivn Apparel continues to thrive in the ever-growing and ever-competitive world of streetwear and will be an underground mainstay for decades to come. From a humble beginning, to now becoming one of the most trusted names in the business.

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