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Lend an edge to your Indian Outfit with the right ethnic footwear

Wedding season is approaching when markets are busier than usual, ethnic clothing stores are more active than expected, and mothers in the house have begun to panic about cleaning the entire house. In this delightful season, there is a lot of stress about what to wear, especially when you shop for kurta pajama shoes. Most of the time, we put too much emphasis on planning the dress, pants, and accessories we want to style with it. As a result, the kurta pajama shoes worn with a kurta are often overlooked. As a result, finding kurta pyjama shoes takes a lot of work. Purchasing kurta pajama shoes for men is already challenging in and of itself, but the situation becomes even more challenging when the holiday season approaches.

When it comes to ethnic and contemporary attire, the upcoming months will be characterised by enthusiasm and vigour. At the festival, both men and women want to look good, so they wear their favourite traditional clothes, accessories, and shoes to show that they like fashion. This holiday season, we want to focus on a few boots. Particularly some shoes that go with kurta pajamas and are very comfortable. The first item on our list for the men’s category will be Kurta pajama shoes! Let’s start.

  1. Men’s Leather Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris are timeless and can be worn with any traditional outfit. If you choose contemporary and minimal designs, you can even wear them with casual outfits you wear every day.

  1. Criss Cross Leather Sandals

These sandals are more formal than slip-on sandals because they also have an ankle strap. As a Diwali present, these are ideal for you as well as any member of your family. Premium leather can be found everywhere.

  1. Strappy Leather Flats

If you’re looking for something a little more cutting-edge, this is the shoe for you. Leather sandals are highly classy and never go out of style. In addition, every gentleman must have a good pair of leather flats in his wardrobe. These pads are not difficult to slip into, adaptable and agreeable.

  1. Flat Mules

A good pair of minimalist leather mules is the next item on our list of the best ethnic footwear for men. Men’s mules are the most underrated pair of shoes. They can be worn with casual pants or shorts to traditional kurtas and shirts. Finding the appropriate pair is all that is required.


  1. Classic Loafers

Last but not least, we have a few classic loafers for gentlemen out there. If you want to dress like a man, this is one of the best style hacks you can use. Loafers go well with any outfit, from casual to formal. They are the most appropriate footwear for the holiday season if cost is not a concern for you.

So these were our suggestions as ethnic footwear to be worn under kurta pajama and other ethnic wear! Make sure to grab a pair as soon as possible so that during any festival, you have beautiful ethnic footwear to style with your kurta pajamas.

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