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Importance of Ties as a Part of Your Clothing

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A necktie or tie is a clothing gear that works as an accessory over any formal or informal attire. A necktie makes a person more fashionable, stylish and smart.

Neckties have been worn from small schools to biggest of functions. These are the fashion statement of males. Ties make a person look more classy and elegant. They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and fabrics.

Every tie makes the dress more charming and the person who is wearing it feels more confident.

Why are ties an important clothing gear?

  • They give a fashion statement.
  • Person looks more charming and presentable.
  • Used for ages by different stars and every citizen around.
  • Ties are the most available piece of clothing that is easily available and is cheap too.
  • Comes in all kinds of designs.
  • If you don’t find a desirable piece, get a customized piece as per the requests.
  • Ties come in all kinds of colors. Some colors like silver match with all whereas you can always choose the print and color depending upon your choice.

Defining the elegance of different prints

  • Linear Prints

They make you look sober and presentable. Linear prints are mostly used in official works and events.

  • Plain

Plain ties are usually worn at offices. Donning them with linear printed shirts, give a good impression.

  • Dots

Dots look good at office parties and events. Wear them over plain shirts and add similar pocket square to increase elegance.

  • Graphics

Graphics ties are totally a party wear. They give a stylish and funky look. Wearing them in unofficial parties is recommended.

  • Non-Linear prints

Non Linear prints are stylishly and fashionable. They can be worn in different unofficial occasions and if your suit is not plain.

Accessories that go well with ties

  • Tie pins

Tie pins are a simple piece of metal that enhance the look of the tie. They can be customized in different shapes and prints.

  • Coat pins

Coat pins are a piece of metal that is worn with the suits. If the coat pin is matching with the tie the person looks more gentlemanly

  • Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a small piece of cloth that we put in pockets of the suit. They should be definitely matching with the tie. Tie and pocket squared should have same prints for better persona.

  • Cufflinks

Cufflinks are metal pins that are tied to the shirt cuffs. Always match them with the tie.

A custom tie enhances a personality. Wear matching accessories with them and it will become more presentable.

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