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How to go down on one knee in style

When proposing to your partner, you want it to be special right? Of course, you do! The first step is to check in with your partner and make sure you’re both on the same page. The next step is to make sure you’ve got the perfect Valentina engagement ring.

Once you’ve ticked these items off, the final step is to plan the proposal. There are so many ways that you can pop the question that you’re spoiled for choice. No matter how you decide to go about it, the one that matters is that you do it the right way.

What does that mean exactly? Let’s find out how to go down on one knee in style.

Dress to Impress

You’re asking your partner a big question, you’ve got the day planned perfectly and spent your hard-earned cash on a stunning ring. Don’t ruin all this effort by not thinking about your outfit. This will depend on how you propose of course, but keep your clothing choice in mind. We aren’t saying you should hike in a tux to propose at the summit, but at least try to wear something nicer if you can.

Bring Bubbly

There are few sounds that mark a celebration quite like the pop of a champagne bottle. If it fits with your plan, bring some bubbly and some glasses. Cheers to the occasion and enjoy the moment with your new fiance. Cheers!

Don’t be a Cliche

It would be near impossible to come up with a proposal plan that’s entirely original, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. When proposing, your goal should be to make it as personal as possible. Think about how you can take some inspiration from other’s proposals and add some touches to make your proposal unique.

Read the Room

Further to the previous point, really think about your partner If your partner is a bit shy or introverted, they probably won’t appreciate sharing this intimate moment in front of a crowd. On the flip side, your partner may their moment to be in front of others to add a sense of grandeur. Think about your partner, not what others have done for theirs.

Be a Gentlemen

This is something you only want to do once, so make it count. If you can, actually get down on one knee. If you can get the words out, actually ask for their hand. Don’t simply point something sparkly at them and expect them to fill in the blanks. Speak to your partner’s parents and make them aware of your plans. If you’re going to do it, do it right.

Follow these tips, and you will be sure to pop the question in style!

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