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How to get your nail polish to last more than a few days

Our busy lifestyles make it impossible to apply nail polish daily. Our hands are exposed to a lot of activities during the day: application of make-up, typing, lifting things and washing dishes. Nail polishing is not only time consuming but also expensive to pop into a salon every single day. As such, until that day when we will have a solution to making manicures last as long as pedicures, we have to make use of every available tip and trick to make our nail polish last longer. Here, shares with you tricks that will make your manicure stand the test of time, at least for a weak.

Shorter nails: when you keep long nails, the tips are exposed to use in everyday activities such as peeling off stickers, picking razor blades, inserting keys in key rings among many other activities. These activities harm the nails rendering the applied nail polish useless. However, short nails are usually shorter than the fingertips and in case of one doing the activities mentioned above; the fingertips are exposed rather than the tips of the nails.

Wear a pair of gloves: If one cannot do with short nails, it is advisable to wear gloves during daily activities that expose your nails to harm. Moreover, gloves come in hand to both short and long nails when one is washing. Water and soap can dry out the manicure reducing its glow and may lead to chipping.

Use the best top coat: while everyone has got their tastes and preferences, a high-quality top coat consistently keeps one’s nail polish free from chips for at least a week. Though top quality coats are a little bit expensive, they ensure that one saves lots of money that could have otherwise been used during frequent manicure visits to the salon.

File in one direction: While it does not matter the direction that one file the nails, the filing for each nail should be to the left or right, but never back and forth. When you change the filing direction, the nail tends to weaken, making it prone to peeling and breakage.

Do not soak nails before painting them: While manicurists usually soak nails before painting to soften the cuticles, the practice also causes nails to retain water and as a result, expand. After painting the already soaked nails, they tend to shrink, and the polish no longer fits the nails well. Therefore, one should use cuticle oil instead to maintain the length of the nails after softening.

Use cool air to dry nails: Hot air prevents nail polish from drying. So, one should use a blow dryer on its cool setting option. Dipping fingertips in ice water for 60-90 seconds helps in drying nail polish. As a rule, do not blow your nails to dry after polishing.

Lastly, the nail polish bottle should be rolled rather than shaking it. Vigorously shaking the bottle infuses the color with air bubbles leading to chips. As such, one should mix the polish by holding it right on your palms and rolling it gently in a circular motion.


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