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How to Choose the Right Size of the Waist Shapers

Although they have been around for a long time, people today still have doubts about how to choose the size of the lingerie. Follow a step by step to not make mistakes.

The best cheap lingerie has been around for a long time, but has started to be more successful due to the wide range of benefits it offers. They are known worldwide for their ability to define curves and hide excess fat.

Today it is possible to find different models, fabrics and sizes. Regardless of the model chosen, all waist shapers are prized to compress the abdominal region, around the waist, to help shape and make the silhouette more elegant with the correct use.

How to choose the right size of the modeling strap when buying online

Although it is essential to buy the correct size piece (so as not to affect blood circulation or compress the muscles too much), it is not always possible to try the brace before making the purchase.

The best pieces, as is the case with the models, can be purchased over the internet from waist shaper vendors. It is very simple to solve the problem, just have a tape measure in hand.

The waist shaper vender website provides the complete table with all sizes for online purchase, so that it is possible to find out which model is ideal for each case.

The 8-fin model, for example, offers ideal compression and double elasticity, ensuring more lightness and safety during use. 

Waist trainers: From mini to plus size

The pieces in size “Mini Feminine” are indicated for women that weigh up to 45 kg, and with height of up to 1.50 m, bust mannequin number 36 and hip mannequin number 34.

On the other hand, the “plus size” size also has options for more full-bodied women. They are indicated for those who are more than 1.91 m tall, over 115 kg and number 56 bust and hip mannequins.

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