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Harry Potter Theme Notebook

Are you a die heart fan of The Harry Potter Series and you are fond of collecting items featuring Harry Potter Series? Then this Notebook is for you. The especially designed Harry Potter Notebook is all about we see and fantasize while watching the series. Once you will open this notebook you will feel like a book straight from Hogwarts is in your hands. The style, cover, font and the illustrations all are designed keeping in mind the theme of notebook. You can find the picture of your favorite characters Harry, Hermione and Ron inside the book. Record your monthly, daily or weekly plans in your favorite Harry Potter notebook. There is also a calendar inside the notebook where you can mark important days of your lives and ever forgets them. It could be the best gift for your fanatic friend of Harry Potter Series.

  1. Stylish Steampunk Gear Watch Cufflinks

Who doesn’t like a gear watch? But what if you are not wearing it, here are the gear watch style cufflinks for your cool shirts. Whether it’ an official meeting or annual dinner, you can stun in your shirt by handcuffed with these amazing cuffs.

These steampunk cufflinks are manufactured with highest quality material like brass. The colors available are black, silver, rose gold, pink gold that will give a super classy look to your wear. The light weighted cufflinks in round shape comes in good packaging too. Their color won’t fade away and will look elegant in long run. The metal chosen for their outlook is copper which prevents them from rust.

You can pair the black cufflinks or silver ones on grey shirt or pink gold one on white shirt and slay your attire. Also they are a perfect gift item that is unique and is made with best quality materials.

  1. Chinese Style Wooden Lighter

A smoker’s day is incomplete without having a lighter in their pocket. Lighters are the new trends and they have explicitly replaced the matchboxes.

Steampunk brings you this one of a kind Chinese lighter which is no doubt the most stylish lighter ever. The material is wooden making it fire resistant lighter. The feature that make these Chinese lighter unique is the message printed on each letter in Chinese language. Each lighter have a different message to the owner of success and prosperity. The lighter is 100 mm long and the opening of the lighter is 16 mm in diameter making it a portable lighter.

If you are a chain smoker or if any of your friend is, this slaying steampunk lighter can be the best to give them. It will make their smoke and attitude lit.


  1. Steampunk Hat Rose Top With Goggles-Handmade

A hat looks adorable whether a man or woman is wearing it and especially when it’s a vintage classis hat. Steampunk brings the famous hats of the earliest times having googles and a beautiful red rose on it. This steampunk goggles hat with a rose on it is fine to wear on a sunny day or even at a night life costumed party and if there is a retro theme going on, nothing could be more complementing than this handmade googles hat. The best thing about this steampunk hat is that is it handmade, defining each and every detail beautifully.  The material used is polyester making it a light-weighted hat not a burden on your head.

The hat is for both men and women. Anyone can carry a complete retro look with this steampunk retro hat.


  1. Genuine Leather Shoes for Winter

Everything you need in winter season is to be coziest from your clothes to your shoes. Steampunk brings the best quality shoes that are a perfect wear for winters. The material of the shoes is pure leather that again is the warmest material to wear in winter protecting you from cold. The height of shoes is till your ankle covering your feet properly. The shoes shine will never fade away because of the good quality material used inside and outside of them. Having a square heel and pointed toe they are not only warm to wear but give your attire an elegant look.

 Pair them up with a leather jacket or jeans and slay wherever you go in this cold season.

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