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Enrich Your Knowledge on Various Dqstyle Diamond Shapes

If you are considering buying a diamond for your loved ones, you are just not investing in a gem stone or jewelry but you are investing in a lifestyle for them. Investing money on diamonds is like giving your money a forever kind of transformation. We are pleased to tell our readers that a real diamond never diminishes its sparkle it never changes its shapes with time. There are hard core scientific processes that are involved in cutting, molding, and shaping of the diamonds.

When we buy diamonds for some special occasions in our lives then we attach a lot of emotions with them. Therefore, something so unique and precious should always be preserved and chosen with utmost care.

Dqstyle diamonds are special and available in various shapes and sizes. You can invest into any shape, design, and style and rest assured of the best quality thereby. However, we still would love to guide our readers about various shapes, sizes and designs of diamonds that not only affect their price and value but also help in sufficing your needs in the best possible manners.

These days the consumers have become very alert and aware of the new fashion, plausible designs and unique styles. Therefore, when you are buying something as special as a diamond for anyone, make sure that you choose the best shape in your price constraints. Here we will give you some prudential information on various dqstyle shapes of diamonds that will help you in taking the buying decision:

Round diamonds:

Variedly known and widely appreciated the shape of a diamond, the round shaped diamonds are easily alienable with various sorts of jewelry. They can be alienated in neckpieces, earrings or even finger rings with much ease. The best thing about the round shape is that due to the mechanics of their shape, they are just perfect for every occasion as well as suits well with every type of dress.

Princess cut diamonds:

People fantasize about princess cut diamond shapes as they are beautiful and unique designs. Princess cut diamonds are very popular and preferred mostly for engagement rings. Guys love to enchant their girl by making them feel the most special with the exuberant gift of design.

Marquise diamond:

These are the long and narrow diamond cuts that give an illusion of bigger size. It is said that such dqstyle marquise diamonds have the largest surface area than any other type of diamonds when measured in the carat weight.

Emerald cut diamonds:

These shapes are an ensemble with unique cuts and generally radiate a lesser amount of light through them. However, people love the splendid designing of these cuts. It is mentioned that emerald cut diamonds generate hall-of-mirrors effect when uniquely shaped.

Asscher cut diamonds:

Asscher cut diamonds are considered to be a derivative of emerald-cut or vice versa because there are a lot of similarities in design. Asscher cut diamonds have a larger step facet and slightly higher crown along with a comparatively smaller table. This unique combination makes it a brilliant piece of work.

There can be various other style diamonds’ shapes that are available for you to choose from! All you need to do is a little research and make clarity of choices.

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