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Elevate Your Vision: The Best of American Eyewear

No one wants to make a mistake; this applies to clothes and accessories. That question always remains: Does this company deliver quality products? To give you a boost, we selected the most famous sunglasses brands.

In this list, in addition to finding the most reliable glasses brands like American Optical for instance on the market, you will learn a little about the history, characteristics, and the public’s favorite models.

Ready? So check it out.


You were sure this company would be on our list! Undoubtedly, Ray-Ban is the first among the most famous sunglasses brands. His name is even synonymous with sunglasses and lives in the unconscious mind of the general public.

Thanks to its rich history, the brand’s memory has been built over the years.

Ray-Ban: A Success Story

The models began to be produced in 1937, following a request from then-North American lieutenant John MacCready, who made the request directly to the brand’s owner. This request was born out of a need for the military, who used to carry out balloon flights. John exposed his eyes to the sun’s rays on these walks, damaging his vision.

In addition to solving the problem, the sunglasses were a success and quickly adopted by a large part of the military.

The success continues today, where the company’s flagships are spread across the most diverse faces.

Features Of Ray-Ban Glasses

In addition to having a fantastic trajectory, Ray-Ban been one of the best american eyewear for instance has other enviable attributes. One of them is the durability of the products.

When we ask people why they chose the brand, the most common answer is durability. This audience wants to ensure they will have their accessory for several years.

And this is not exclusive to just one model; it extends to its entire product line.

Main Ray-Ban Models

One of Ray-Ban’s greatest abilities is its ability to innovate without losing its roots. Models such as the Ray-Ban Aviador and Ray-Ban Wayfarer portray the brand’s tradition, while the Ray-Ban Justin and Ray-Ban Blaze models present a more current style.


Carrera is another brand created to serve men who practice sports, especially speed sports such as motorsport and motorcycling. Despite expanding to serve customers looking for style, the brand retains the characteristics that made it famous. Check out the history of the second company on the list of most famous sunglasses brands.

The History Of The Carrera

Carrera was born in 1956 and became known for discovering a different plastic, Optyl, which guaranteed greater comfort and malleability. But the first eyewear collections that took the world by storm began to be produced only in 1977, in partnership with Porshe.

Features Of Carrera Glasses

Carrera glasses are very easy to recognize due to their bold and, at the same time, very elegant look. The frames are made of acetate, a high-quality material with superior comfort.

Carrera’s Best-Selling Models

Carrera launches new models every year, but among the best-selling are the 6008, 6000/ST, and 115/S models.


Prada is known mainly for its extensive line of products aimed at the luxury public. This characteristic extends to its glasses, which carry all the company’s elegance.

All this pomp did not happen overnight; it took many years of history to reach this level.

The History Of Prada

Its founding date is old, more precisely in 1913. Initially, the company focused on bags and other leather items, already aimed at the luxury market.

Having Italy as its birthplace, the company has always embraced fashion, being at the forefront.

In 1978, led by Miuccia Prada, the company expanded its horizons and created Prada eyewear, its line of sunglasses. Following the footsteps of all the rest of the company’s items, it became a global success.

Feature Of Prada Glasses

Maintaining the brand’s tradition, Prada Eyewear’s entire line of glasses has a more luxurious style. Points that are very present in its design are the large models, the care taken with details, and the finishing of the pieces.

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