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Comprehensive Buying Guide to Jacket Zippers                              

Zippers are among the most popularly used fastening devices. You can see it everywhere from your clothing items like pants, trousers, skirts, jackets, and dresses; luggage including traveling bags and fashion bags; and. outdoor equipment like raincoats and tents. Many people ignored them when the truth is that zippers are considered as very important items in both the fashion and sewing industry.

Zipper Parts

The parts that make up a zipper vary based on its purpose and design. However, standard zippers are made up of five basic parts, namely the slider, top stop, bottom stop, elements or teeth, and tape. There are also other special parts, depending on the zippers’ special design and style. These parts are retaining box, and inset pins, and box pins.

Even though the zipper parts vary greatly, three parts will always be found on every zipper and these are the tape, slider, and elements.

  • Zipper Elements

Also known teeth, elements are those teeth-looking shaped parts that are attached to the zipper tape. The teeth will be joined or separated once passed through the zipper slider as needed. Teeth could be made of plastics or metal.

  • Zipper Sliders

The zipper slider is the part that you slide across the zipper elements to close or open the zipper, thus the name. The zipper elements will be joined or separated depending on the slider’s position.

There are two parts to a zipper slider, the pull tab and the slider itself. Zippers usually have one slider, although you can also find a double slider sometimes, depending on the design and purpose.

  • Zipper Tapes

The zipper tape is the part attaching the zipper together, both to the teeth or elements and to the bag,   garment, or other items that the zipper is attached to.

Zipper Tape Classifications

The zipper tapes are best distinguished by the specific material that it was made of. Polyester is the most common material used. Others include cotton, synthetic fiber, and vinyl.

Classifications of Zipper Teeth or Elements

Zipper’s teeth have three basic classifications based on the specific material that it is made of and these are the following:


  1. Metal Teeth or Elements

This is the most commonly used material for zipper teeth and also the first material used during the zipper’s back in the early 20th century. Every time you shop for zippers made from metal, you need to consider the materials used in finish and construction since rust will make the zipper malfunction.

  1. Molded Plastic Teeth or Elements

The teeth are made using molded high-performance resin that is individually injected then fused directly on the zipper tape. Plastic teeth are extremely flexible and durable that makes them ideal for outdoor applications and heavier garments.

  1. Special Teeth or Elements

There are also special types of teeth that cannot be categorized into the standard plastic or metal teeth due to their unique functions and features. The most common and popular special teeth or elements include invisible teeth, two-way teeth, open end teeth, and coil teeth.

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