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Bobbleheads, How Are They Made? Find Out Here!

Have you ever thought about having a bobblehead that looks  just like you? Or maybe you are thinking about collecting some of them? If yes to either one question, then you should know a little bit more about how these bobbleheads are made and  how they came about. You probably have seen a nice collection  of bobbleheads dolls from your friends. So before you have one made that looks exactly like you, here’s what you need to know.

Bobbleheads, What Are They Made Of?

There are different types of bobbleheads and they can be made out of various materials. The most common are bobbleheads that are made from plastic or resin. But if you want to go for the classic or fancier type, there are also bobbleheads that are made of ceramic or wood. However, the last two options are not always preferred.

The most popular types of bobbleheads these days are the ones made of resin. They are solid and  will allow you to add more detail. They are also easier to contour and take the shape and design that you want. Plastic bobbleheads are also a popular choice but they are usually made from a mold. 

Why Are Bobbleheads Popular?

In the advertising world, the use of bobblehead dolls is the latest trend. In fact, anything can be made into a bobblehead. And the only requirement is for you to have a good photo and submit it to the one who will be making the bobblehead doll for you. A lot of people use bobbleheads as a gift. It can also be given as wedding favors or formal giveaways during a very important event. 

Most of the bobbleheads are created individually, but there are also those that are designed in family size. Most of the time, the bobbleheads are kept as souvenirs. This idea has been made popular by the sports industry.  But now, even  you can have a bobblehead of your own. Others purposely have a bobblehead created for them with a one-of-a-kind design. Usually, the adult age groups are the ones who keep bobbleheads and collect them compared to youngsters. 

Order Your Bobblehead Online

These days, almost everything is made possible through online transactions. In fact, even for your customized bobblehead requests, you can order one and have it made personally depending on your preference. If you already have a picture and a design in mind, you can visit and check out your bobblehead options.

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