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5 Rewarding Reasons to Use Gridwalls for Your Retail Store

If you’re a retailer, you would understand the importance of taking things to the wall. If you are not using it, it simply means wasting the prime retail space. The merchandise can be displayed in cases, on end caps, and tables too, but using the wall display racks should always be the prime focus of any merchandising strategy.

For the wall display, gridwalls are an ideal option that is preferred by many retailers. Displetech gridwalls offer you a host of options in different sizes and with all the required accessories. Here are few of the reasons why gridwalls should be used in retail stores.


They are very affordable and offer a versatile display system. The retailers can use accessories to maximize the display space with these fixtures. The numerous fixtures and panels available in it help the retailers to set up properly functioning yet inexpensive retail setup.

Vast Selection Available

There are various options available in terms of panels, fixtures, and accessories for gridwalls. This gives countless customization options to the retail owners. The various bases, baskets, caps, shelves, hooks, and brackets can be utilized in different ways to give the store a quick makeover. These can be used to rearrange the store’s layout quickly and displaying items.

Extremely Lightweight

The best part of gridwalls is that they are very lightweight and hence very portable. They are also very easy to install. This makes them ideal display units not only for retail shops but also for pop-up stalls and trade shows.


Gridwalls are very versatile. By using wall mount accessories, they can be attached to walls or if you want them to be a movable display unit that is also achievable using bases or freestanding legs. They are perfect for displaying a number of items, including hanging items like scarves, hats, or jewelry. You can place items on shelves or showcase them on cascading hooks.

Comes in Various Sizes and Colors

Gridwalls are available in different sizes, colors, and finish, which make themthe perfect fit for any type of store environment. They are not only easy to use and install but also to maintain as there is a minimal requirement of dusting and general cleaning.

The numerous benefits associated with gridwalls make them the preferred choice for retail stores.

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