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5 Gorgeous Starter Loc Styles For Your Hair

Growing out your hair can open several doors of opportunities to style them in the most unique and eye-captivating ways possible. Locs are an exceptional hairstyle you must try. They are a major commitment that takes a lot of patience and knowledge to take care of and maintain – but are worth it as they can be styled in many different ways.

Whether you want to grow them naturally or have faux ones attached from a good hair salon Atlanta can offer, choosing a style that matches your hair and lifestyle is important.

Palm Rolling

This style is a great option if you’re starting your locs. Palm rolling is created by rolling sections of hair between the palm of hands to shape them, and if left in, it will make your hair naturally loc. They’re good for maintaining locs, and you can decide how large you want your sections to be.

Comb Coils

Comb coils are loc styles made by spinning small sections of your hair with the teeth of a coil twist comb or a fine-toothed comb. This style is the most popular go-to for starters, though it requires some maintenance by applying hair oil at all times and wearing a head scarf at night.

Two-Strand Twists

Do your comb coils keep unraveling? Try two-strand twists! You’ll need at least four inches of hair to form this style, but just like palm rolling, they’re easy to maintain and can be left to grow into thicker, fuller locs.

Freeform Locs

Freeform Locs are a classic style that can take on their unique shape and form, naturally and organically happening with a bit of twisting. This variation of starting loc is perfect for those still exploring the plethora of loc styles that could fit their preference.

Instant Locs

It can take years to grow your hair out into locs, especially when they are long. If you want immediate loc styles for long hair, then this technique is for you. Instant locs make use of crochet hooks to loc your natural loose hair together.

Found a loc inspiration from your favorite celebrity? Visit Nappie Twists at their website to get started on your loc journey today!

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