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Why Men Looks Well In Navy Blue Outfit?

Navy blue brings dominance, sophistication, and modern appeal to men. Its dark and elegant blue tone gives a classy effect on menswear. Moreover, these outfits elevate one’s fashion through their various navy blue shades, including intense navy blue, charcoal blue, teal blue, and others.

However, what navy blue-themed outfits complete a gentleman’s overall OOTD? Let’s find out.

What are the outfits for navy blue?

Shirts. Men can wear shirts in navy blue. It could be in a round or V-shape collar. You can also fit a navy blue shirt or flow one similar to Korean outfits. Some men also look dashing in navy blue polo shirts in plain or prints.

Moreover, shirts in navy blue can also be accompanied by white or monochrome bottoms. It enables the navy blue shade to become the main attraction.

Shorts. You will also never go wrong in collecting navy blue shades of shorts. It gives you a neutral-shaded wardrobe perfect for light and plain tops. These navy blue shorts are perfect for walking in the park, mall, beach, or even running some everyday errand. Its dark tone prevents highlighting dirt or stains. Wear these navy blue shorts with shirts, jackets, or sweaters in any color you want.

Suits. Instead of wearing the usual black suit, why not make your formal attire into the next level? Navy blue suits bring so much impact on men through their sleeking style and appeal. It gives a modern touch while it flaunts smart-casual appeal. You can wear your navy blue suit to formal events, business meetings, or even casual occasions.

Pants. Besides the usual denim pants, navy blue pants can also rock your outfit. It could be working pants, jogging pants, leggings, jogger pants, or formal cut pants. These pants can still upgrade your look depending on the mix and matching of clothes.

What shoes can complete your navy blue outfit?

Other than the clothes, your shoes in navy blue can also uplift OOTDs. Formal shoes or sneakers in navy blue can easily blend in with your top and bottom attire. It can also match your navy blue bags, caps, or belt. So, how can you choose the best shoes for the navy blue outfit?

Nike Waffle Blue Void is an excellent example of navy blue sneakers. It has an impeccable navy blue upper in suede material. Besides, it also blends in extra white and black overlays, giving different styles on the feet. Nike Waffle Blue is perfect for casual or formal events due to its sharp edges and sleeking shape.

Navy Blue Waffle Sacai is not your ordinary pair of sneakers. Why? These kicks bring out incredible soles, providing the best comfort on your feet. In addition, these sneakers level up your overall footwear experience because of their innovative construction and durable materials.

How to complete a navy blue outfit?

Visit and look for an aesthetic pair of shoes and accessories available in shades of navy blue. You can enjoy the mix and matching streetwear and casual attire on this page and see how it can elevate your style and fashion appeal fully.

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