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What Are the Best Sheet Masks to Use for Sensitive Skin?

Why Choose Sheet Masks?

Sheet masks are the latest craze for beauty lovers who want to take care of their skin. Unlike other masks, sheet masks come in one piece for a single use and are fun to try with friends. No matter your skin type, there are many benefits from using a sheet mask. We’ve put together a guide to find out why and how to use this product to improve your skin.

The Benefits of Sheet Masks

1. Works with sensitive skin

The best sheet masks for sensitive skin won’t irritate your face. This Korean beauty secret moisturizes as well as cleans your skin in one swoop. Hydration masks are fine to use everyday; however, they work just as well sporadically.

2. Fits into your beauty routine

If you’re keen to a daily or nightly routine, you’ll have no problem using a sheet mask. Experts recommend washing your face with cleanser, exfoliating, using a toner, and then applying a sheet mask. Moisturizer is great to use afterwards especially if you have sensitive skin.

3. Timely and efficient!

Most masks need to sit on your face before you can wash them off. With sheet masks, you can simply apply and leave them on for 15-25 minutes. When you have sensitive skin, this can be a game changer as you won’t have to experience the dry feeling of regular clay based mud masks.

4. More than you bargained for

Korean sheet masks may contain some excess in the package but it’s for a good reason. Before you throw away the leftovers, try using them for extra rejuvenation on dry places such as your elbows and knees.

5. They create a bedtime ritual

Sheet masks can be used from morning to night. However, experts recommend applying them before you go to sleep in order for the nutrients to soak in. All you need to do is put it on and take it off within 15-25 minutes. The cooling properties will tell you when it’s ready. A great moisturizer afterwards will lock in so you can sleep and look great in the morning.

Grab A Sheet Mask For Sensitive Skin!

The best sheet mask when you have sensitive skin is one that feels right. look to nutrients and moisturizing ingredients when searching for the right mask. It may feel different at first but can benefit your complexion in the long run.

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