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Top 5 Tiffany Engagement Rings and How to Choose the Best One

When it comes to engagement rings, it’s fair to say that Tiffany is one of the most world-famous names around. Having been supplying high-quality diamond rings to the world for over a century now, it’s fair to say that they’ve earned their place at the top.

Exuding class, elegance and a little bit of pure magic, Tiffany rings are simply exquisite. But, with such quality comes a certain level of exclusivity which has a hefty price tag to accompany it. So, choosing the right Tiffany diamond for your engagement ring is no small decision. With Tiffany, you’re not just paying for the diamond; you’re paying for the prestige that comes with the brand name.

Not only that but you get a completely personalised service with Tiffany. You’re not able to just buy a ring online, you must book an appointment with them first. Their rings are not stock items and each ring is unique. What their site does allow you to do, however, is choose a setting which will give you a general price indicator. Luckily there are plenty of in-depth reviews online of Tiffany engagement rings to help you navigate your way through the shopping experience.

Some of the best Tiffany rings for you to consider are below:

Tiffany True 

This range of ring is entirely modern. With clean lines and an incredible amount of detail, these are seen as the ‘pure’ setting. In other words, this is the original setting.

Tiffany T

For something a little different, the T rings offer a graphic and architectural feel to them. It’s said that these are “modern symbols of love” and these can be bought as a pair.

Tiffany Yellow

The Yellow collection is simply stunning. Intending to capture the warmth of the sun, they’re completely captivating.

 Tiffany Schlumberger

If you want something truly unique then this might be the one for you. Let your imagination shine through with these bespoke takes on tradition.

 Tiffany Three Stone 

Why have a ring with one stone, when you can have three! Featuring the signature quality stones that Tiffany is famous for, available in different shapes. There is no better way to make a statement than with this ring.

But, with all this choice, how do you choose the right one for you? Firstly, upon a quick look around the various settings, the prices can vary quite heavily. So, if that’s something you’d like to factor in, then this could quickly narrow your search down. Secondly, think about what you want from your ring; do you want to focus on tradition, do you want something a bit more modern? Perhaps you want something unique and a little bit quirky. Once you have these lined out in your mind, the rest should fall into place.

Of course, once you have an appointment at Tiffany, they will be on hand to help you out and ensure you leave with the perfect ring for you.

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