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The Fashion of Different Styles of Designer Aprons

When you are working in a restaurant or in the kitchen, there is always a risk of your clothes getting spills and stains while executing any task. These spills and stains spoil your clothes and make you look untidy and unhygienic. An apron is an article of clothing that protects your clothes from the spills and stains while working.

What material is used for making aprons?  

Aprons are prepared using a stitched cloth or leather, and sometimes even plastic aprons are used. For jobs which requires the workers to be exposed to heat, cloth aprons are suitable, and the leather and plastic aprons are used for jobs that include working with water or greasy substances.

Different types of Aprons:

Nowadays, aprons are available in several kinds of stitched or created using different creative patterns and shapes. Aprons are basically available in two types; full aprons which covers your entire torso till the knees and half aprons [ผ้ากันเปื้อน ครึ่งตัว, which is the term in Thai] which begins from your waist and ends below the knees.

Bib Aprons

Bib apron is a traditional style apron that is commonly known as a chef apron which has two straps near the waist to tie and a loose loop that fits around the neck. This full apron provides enough place for cooks or waiters to wipe off their hands. Bib aprons are made available in both cotton and polyester, but the blend of poly-cotton provides durability and are wrinkle free, which gives an excellent professional look.

Dishwasher and Butcher Apron:

This full-length apron is useful for dishwashers and butchers because these water-resistant aprons will protect your clothing the spills, dirt, grease and helps you maintain your clothes clean and bright during the job. These type of aprons are made by using a material which is waterproof, cut resistant, and heat resistant.

Waist and Bistro Apron:

These are half aprons and doesn’t cover the entire torso or your entire body. Half aprons begins from the waist and ends past the knees, and bistro aprons are quite similar in their pattern as both of them are have straps on the waist area and pockets at the front, these pockets can be utilized to keep a note pad, pen, gusts checks, juice straws or any other important objects which are useful while serving at a restaurant.

Cobbler Apron:

These are quite the same as the bib apron, but the cobbler apron covers both front and back side whereas bib aprons cover the front of the body. Cobbler aprons are of knee length and have straps on the side, which allows you to adjust the size of the apron according to your convince.

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