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The best Choices in the Acne Creams for You Now

Dermatologists also recommend capricious sun protection. This is because many of the anti-acne products are formulated with ingredients that make the skin more sensitive and make it easier to spot.

Product Tips for Oily and Acne Skin

If you have oily skin and don’t know which sunscreen to choose, you’ve come to the right place! Among so many versions of the product, such as gel, cream and spray, it is even difficult to know which texture fits best in oily skin, which often has excess shine, greasy feel, acnes and blackheads.

When buying a product it is important to make sure it is non-comedogenic. This type of product will not block the pores avoiding the formation of black spots (blackheads). Numerous factors can play a role in black spot formation. Excess oiliness leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands and stimulates the formation of black spots. Non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturizers are specially formulated for imperfection-prone skin (especially oily and mixed skin). These products also prevent acne.

Faced with the difficulty of choosing suitable products, we prepared some shortlists with recommended products. I tried to make it very complete to meet all needs. Finding the right Acne Cream offers to you.

Acne Skin Soaps

Soaps and cleansing lotions are rich in actives that eliminate impurities and excess oils without drying the face such as salicylic acid, zinc and sulfur. Salicylic acid is one of the most used ingredients in these products and has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory action.

Acne Skin Toners

To make skin dry, astringent tonics also often contain salicylic acid and help remove sebum (which can remain in the pores even after washing the face). When shopping, look for other actives such as resorcin (has antiseptic, antisebreatic and exfoliating effect), witch hazel extract (decongestant), azulene (anti-inflammatory and soothing) and glycolic acid (besides being good exfoliating, helps 

Acne Skin Treatments

Retinoid and benzoyl peroxide formulas are best for acne. Retinoids have keratolytic effect, that is, they thin the skin, reducing the formation of blackheads and skin inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide fights the bacteria that cause pimples.

Acne Skin Moisturizers

Everyone needs to keep their skin hydrated, including those with acne-prone skin: greasiness does not mean that the amount of water (which ensures fairness and softness to the face) is balanced. Choose cosmetics with light texture. Gel, cream gel or serum do not overload the pores and leave a dry touch.

Pore, Sun Protection and Acne Skin Makeup Minimizers

Because of the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, the pores become more open . Pore ​​minimizers, which contain substances that control oil production, shrink the pores, and silicones that leave the skin with a velvety and matt feel. Protectors should be oil free, suitable for oily skin and makeup should be non-comedogenic. 


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