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Six ways to express your faith

Want to be able to express your faith at school or work in an authentic and genuine way, without offending or upsetting others? Below, we’ve put together some of your options…

Get a tattoo


One way that you can celebrate your faith is to get a religious tattoo somewhere on your body; a commitment that binds you to god for life. Whether it’s a Hindu god, a Christian Cross or a Roman Catholic tattoos of stained glass windows, there are so many ways to create a truly unique and stunning religious tattoo design that means something to you.

Wear jewelry


If you’re not a fan of needles or you think a tattoo is too drastic, then wearing religious jewelry is another option to consider; you’ll be able to take it off whenever you need to. The Celtic cross jewelry offered by Celtic Cross Online, for example, allows you to show off a symbol of eternal love of God and hope of salvation. Some say Celtic crosses also serve as a symbol of national pride, so if you have Irish heritage, it’s a great way to nod back to it.

Speak slowly


If you want to express your faith publicly, we recommend speaking slowly. Don’t overreact when you hear something that you don’t agree with, and instead focus on putting across your point of view clearly and succinctly. And remember that the goal is not to try to win an argument with someone who has opposing views; it’s sharing the hope you found in God.

Be generous


One of the best ways to express your faith is to give generously. You don’t need to be a millionaire to give back to charity, nor do you have to rely on money. Giving your time, energy, and listening ear can all help you to become a more generous, well-rounded person and give back to the world around you, even if you feel like it’s not giving anything to you.

Say goodbye to things


In today’s modern world, some of our greatest challenges is materialism. Some of our most important holidays, including Christmas, have been overtaken by commercialization and commerce, and that’s not only bad for religion: it’s increasingly bad for the environment. So, instead of adding to the needless waste and getting involved in Black Friday and Christmas buying, look at other ways you can celebrate those special occasions. Donate, volunteer, and spread the joy of Christmas and other celebrations in the ways people have forgotten.




There’s no better way to express your faith than to pray. Ask God to help you on your journey through life and to make the world a better place, and if others ask you what you’re doing, share your experience with them and show them how they can participate, too.

Outside of attending church, finding ways to express your faith freely and sensitively can be tough. The tips we have offered above should give you some food for thought, but if you have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll include them in a future post.


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