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Playpen and its use

A playpen is a piece of furniture that is built for babies or young toddlers as an effort to contain them in one place. Why are they designed to confine their moving space? This is so they don’t end up harming themselves, typically when a parent is otherwise occupied. 

History of playpen 

Back in the day, playpens were made from wood and ideally square or rectangular in shape. They have vertical long bars on all sides of the playpen so the child can see but not step out. The flooring is soft because it is covered with linen or mat. The walls are a lot higher than the height of the child in order to prevent head injuries. Playpens have evolved since then with modern playpens having detachable lids and portable in nature. Portable playpen for babies enables moving since they are made up of collapsible enclosures. 

Modern playpens are either made up of metal or plastic. These playpens also provide added luxury of a bassinet on top that allows for the child to sleep in or be changed. Today, playpens come with attachments like pockets that can hold mobile phones, toys and other supplies. They also come with additional features like nightlights, musical rattle and music boxes so the children can listen to relaxing music while they sleeping. Portable playpens are now available in different sizes but can be dismantled when not in use, to aid in storage and transportation. 

Parents must exercise abundant caution while purchasing playpens. Do not compromise on the price and choose secondhand quality products as they can be made from cheap material and quite possibly collapse, resulting in unfortunate injuries. 

What is the difference between a playpen and a play-yard?

This is a dilemma that most new parents are faced with. Well, let’s break it down. The word “playpen” was conned in 1902 in the Oxford dictionary. It quite simply means a safe space for babies while the parents are away.

One of the main differences is that play-yards usually comes with a soft mattress, but its not the same case with a playpen that prioritizes on safety. This is why most parents add a mattress or mat in the playpen. Another important difference is the variation of cost as play-yards are a lot more expensive than playpens; which come with added accessories like MP3 players and mechanical rockers. 


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