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How Do You Arrange Gerbera Flowers?

It is common knowledge that the gerbera daisy is a popular cut flower. Many people choose to grow their own at home. They have long stalks and brightly colored flowers. It can last up to three weeks. However, this is true with proper care. You can choose it as a gift for your loved one’s birthday or graduation. Her beauty makes all who receive it feel happy. It makes them want to arrange themselves. Nowadays many people are getting interested in arranging flowers. You can give it as a gift, table decoration, or to fill your spare time.

Many think that only professionals can do it. Even though you’ve never tried it before, you can also make it. How to arrange flowers can be done yourself at home using simple equipment. You can also make flower arrangements as you wish and save more money by learning about them. It is because you do not pay for the services of a florist. If you are interested in making this activity a hobby, we will explain how to do it simply. You can do this directly yourself. We guarantee that all of these methods are very simple. Let’s see how to assemble gerbera in a vase.

Arrange Gerbera Flowers

  1. Define the concept

The first thing you have to do is find a reference to the shape of a flower arrangement. Look for as many references as possible if you have never dealt with it all. You can browse the internet by typing the word flower arrangements in the search field. Choose several types of models that you like to serve as your reference.

The next step is to determine the concept. What kind of flower arrangement concept do you want to use? How many? Will it be kept in a pot or tied up? Determine everything from the start. So you don’t get stuck when you start arranging several stems together. In addition, you can determine the concept according to your purpose of giving it.

For example, you want to make decorations for an all-white garden party wedding. Maybe you can strengthen the theme of the event with a white arrangement. Or you can give a bouquet of them and get well soon to help your sick relative. It is because they are suitable as fast-curing flowers. After all, they can produce oxygen and absorb toxins in the air.

Arrange Gerbera Flowers

  1. Determine the type of vase

Still related to the previous method, now is the time to determine the type of vase you will use. Each shape and color of it will give a different impression, so you need to be careful when choosing it. Don’t forget to match the type and color of the flowers used. There are three types, each made of different materials. First, the first type is glass. It is very flexible if placed anywhere. You don’t need to be confused anymore to choose the material for the condition of your room. The transparent nature of the glass makes the flower arrangement display look cooler and cleaner. It’s just that you have to be diligent in changing the water because if it’s a little dirty, it will immediately appear.

Ceramic vases have a truly unique and charming appearance. Suitable for decorating rooms with traditional or ethnic interior designs. However, because it is not transparent, you must check the water inside periodically. Dirty water can cause them to wither quickly. If the two types of materials break easily, you can use a plastic one. Even if it falls from a high shelf, it’s guaranteed not to break easily. The price is also very affordable. You can easily find it in various furniture or plant stores. However, they will fade fast if exposed to the sun too often.

Arrange Gerbera Flowers

  1. Clean the stalk of unused leaves

If you buy a flower that still has leaves, then cut the leaves. Cutting the leaves is very beneficial to extend their life and freshness. It is because the leaves can compete with flowers to get water in the vase. In addition, you also have to cut the stems at an angle. This cutting aims to expand the surface of the stem so that it can absorb water optimally. Use a sharp knife to cut the stems so that the result is a perfect slope and does not damage the stems.

  1. Pour clean water into the vase

Add clean water to keep them fresh and long-lasting. To make it even more durable, place it in a strategic place. The purpose of this strategic place is a place that gets adequate light. So it doesn’t wither quickly. In addition to vodka, you can also add soda to your vase. Vodka is an antibacterial agent for them because the content in it effectively minimizes the growth of bacteria that can cause them to wither. The sugar content in soda can keep them fresh.

  1. Arrange them in a vase

Place these clean and tidy flowers in a vase of your choice. To make it easier, start arranging them from the largest to the smallest. To make it neater, you can use wire or paper glue. So the stalks will remain neatly arranged. And their position will not change. Once entered, the next step is to adjust the placement of them according to your wishes. Make sure that there are no sticks entangled between each other. If there is one, gently separate the entangled stem with your fingers. Once you’ve finished stringing them together, there’s only one step you have to do until they wither. You need to change the water every two to three days to keep them alive. Try to add sugar as a food.

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