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Fresh Flowers VS Preserved Flowers In Singapore: Which Is Better

Flowers, such as a hydrangea bouquet in Singapore, are common gifts for any occasion. Traditionally, people give fresh flowers. People rarely give dried flowers. In fact, they throw them out or keep a dry petal and slide them in a book. But the trend today seems to be going in a different direction. Preserved flowers are an ideal gift today!

Here are the similarities and differences between fresh flowers and preserved flowers in Singapore:


Fresh flowers

Florists from fresh flower delivery services in Singapore arrange cuts of fresh flowers in a wrap, vase, or baskets. They make sure to provide flowers with water to keep them fresh for a few days.

Preserved flowers

Florists from flower online delivery services in Singapore pick fresh flowers at their bloom and soak them in alcohol and dehydrating solution. It takes a few days to finish the entire process.


Fresh flowers

Fresh cut flowers can last three days up to a week provided with their optimum environments, such as water supply, indirect sunlight, and flower food.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers can last up to one year or more provided with their optimum environment.


Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers have vibrant flowers. Some have a strong and light fragrance, depending on the type of flowers. You can purchase a budding flower or flowers at the peak of their blooms from a fresh flower delivery service in Singapore.

Preserved flowers

Similar to your fresh hydrangea bouquet in Singapore, preserved flowers have vibrant colours. However, their hallmark is the lack of scent. The flowers may also have a wax-like thin coating.


Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are more affordable than preserved flowers.

Preserved flowers

Flower online delivery services in Singapore price their preserved flowers higher because the rehydration process and solution are expensive.

Additionally, florists pick the best seasonal flowers for preservation.

Do you want it fresh or preserved? It is time to pick the right bouquet!

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